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  1. Hi. sorry the reply took 3 weeks. I got 3b's. you? x
  2. :five: sheffield student :ninja:
  3. Exploring the mysteries of The Phantom of the Opera? You found out anything yet? Really wanna know who's behind the half mask. :holmes:

    Yeah, I haven't ever seen it or read it :puppyeyes: Educate me Alexandra.
  4. Got my fingers crossed for you too. I finished on Friday, overall, it was nothing I couldn't handle. I'm looking forward to some peace and relaxation too. God knows we both need it x
  5. not sure yet thinking of medicine,music,art,biology,maths ,chemistry,physics,p.e. summat like
  6. hiya. r u in uni yet?
    im goin keele uni in september.
    at the moment im doin hairdressin for fun. lol.
  7. I don't mean to sound cocky, but it couldn't have gone any better. But the second part of psychology is on Tuesday and I have no idea how to do it. Yours sounds a lot like mine will be. ICT will go badly but English Lang will be alright. xx
  8. So sorry I didn't reply back I completely didn't see this message till now! My names Alexandra Machin
  9. Haha, cheers love. 11 years on now, much growing has taken place :perv:. Hahaha.
  10. Haha, no problem . Nah, that was me when I was like 8 or so!

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  • About RoseRequiem

    Alexandra Bayles
    Where I study
    St. Benet Biscop R.C. High School
    Domestic Assistant at a care home
    Star Sign
    About me

    I'm 18, and have accepted a place to study English and Philosophy at Sheffield University.

    I like to read and write, getting dressed up, classical music, chatting to new people, and would love to travel Europe one day

    Add my msn at; it would be great to meet some fellow students!
    Academic Info
    Subjects studied at GCSE:

    English Literature - A
    English Language - A*
    Mathematics - B
    Core Science - B
    Additional Science - A
    Religious Studies - A
    Double Applied ICT - A*A*
    Geography - A*
    Business Studies - A*
    Media Studies - A*
    BACS - A*

    AS Levels:
    English Literature - B (7 marks away, re-sitting in Jan)
    Philosophy and Ethics - A
    Geography - A
    Biology - D (!)

    A Levels studying now: English Literature, Philosophy and Ethics, Geography
    I love Gothic, romantic, historical, foreign (especially French), and a little science-fiction literature; writing creatively; sketching - portraits, abstract, etc; photography; travelling; going to the cinema; collecting vintage and unusual jewellery; meeting new people; walking around old museums and houses; and exploring the mysteries of the Phantom of the Opera

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