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  1. I assume it was you who +repped me in the Bar?

    If so, thanks

    If not, :getmecoat:
  2. The words 'rational mind' and 'pragmatic process' are less likely to appear in a Libertarian's dictionary than anybody else's, I think you'll find. :rolleyes:
  3. A Libertarian is talking to me about being disturbing? You're funny. :rofl:

    Cheers for negging a random post of mine for no apparent reason. What a great idea, it's been a while since I last negged you.
  4. I'm so sorry! I literally just saw this now!
    You should definitely say hello some time.
    First years been good, just looking forward to results! How's it been going for you?
  5. returned the favour
  6. Hylean
    If Communism and Fascism were the only two options then quite possibly, but they're not and so your analogy fails. Not being communist doesn't equate to being fascist. Doing this here to keep the thread on topic.
  7. I really like the video in your sig. Good job man.
  8. Hiya
  9. maybe I like being covered in 'fake' blood

    how are you finding it?
  10. You didn't reply... I feel hurt

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