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  1. well ill be the replacement of them not liking it! although i mean if your going to cook it then i might give it a little try!

    oh yeh i did forget you could practically lose your hands doing it couldnt you. my bad i apologise! curry it is then
  2. :crown:
  3. :pingu: here's a penguin to say sorry!
  4. Awww haha, it's best roommate goaty banter!
  5. Erm you're actually a bad roommate already! hahah :-)!
  6. Have one as a flat mascot :-)
  7. Well looks like you didn't inherit your dads genes then ay! ill have to have a look although im not a massive curry fan! how about I push the boat out and say beans and cheese on toast!? Or is that a bit too dangerous for you! :L
  8. Maybe not murderers but at the least mutilators? Haha I don't know what I was expecting but I've been plesantly suprised at how nice everyone is
  9. Yeh and they're not exactly close together either!

    Haha! I'm one for changing my hair colour you'll probably notice that soon! I've done performing aswel!

    Oh your dads got a restaurant very nice! What's that then? I hope you follow in your dads footsteps and can cook!? Might be able to teach me a few recipes!
  10. Hahaha I'm just getting to know a future housemate :wavey:
    Aw that's so good to know! Can't wait until September now, got a good feeling about everyone so far

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