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  1. When you send off your application it will only be September/October so very early on in your gap year. That means a lot of what you intend on doing you probably won't have even started yet so if mentioning it on your PS, you'd have to say you're going to be doing that rather than what you've already done. Personally, I only mentioned very briefly what I was going to do in my gap year but focused mainly on things I had already done.
  2. Hey there!

    Just saw this post and where you quoted me. Firstly, have you sent any papers back for a priority remark? Since it's only the one mark, it may be worth a shot and hopefully it'll go up and you'll meet your offer? The only risk is any marks going down but you're comfortably into a B grade and planning on resitting so it shouldn't make a big difference.

    Do Notts know you only missed the offer by one mark? If not it may be worth contacting them and putting forward your case and they may be able to do something.

    If your grades stay A*AB, you'll be able to reapply but only to places which accepts these grades or places which accept resits - that includes BSMS, Keele, and UEA. Liverpool and Peninsula, I'm not quite sure of their policies, and Southampton last year didn't class you as a resit applicant if you only needed to resit one exam to get AAA (which you fit into) but I'm not sure if that's still the case.
  3. bambinooo
    Right well firstly prepare answers to the typical why nott? why med? ect...but don't over do it you want to come across natural and truthful...when i went into the interview all the stuff i prepared went over my head soo i had to say whatever came to me and this seemed to work! Also be prepared to be grilled on any work exp you've done..and also prepare a strategy about how you are going to tackle scenario questions because that may crop up. I hope i've been helpful..aand dont worry about expressing yourself...they'll take the fact that you're international into consideration...just be yourself!!! GOOD LUCK!
  4. I got an interview next tuesday at nottingham ( A100).And my interviewers are Professor Aikenhead & Mr Fraser ( i think i saw somewhere that Fraser was your interviwer as well which is a bless ).I really need to talk to you about what they ask, how should i answer the questions etc i need some tips seriuosly... im a relax calm person, but im also international so its very difficult to express myself blah blah ... teaching skills are necessary for doctors so teach me how to pass this interview please ( sorry if that was a bit rude )
  5. Just would like to let you know that I too was emotionally affected by that Chemistry exam.. and your comment just cheered me up greatly hahahahaha
  6. I know I was sooo shocked too, cause I had an awful interview, I thought well thats it! My Best friend did too and he got an offer so maybe they only take people who have horrible interviews haha!
    Yeah this is my first offer, not sure whether its my first choice, tbh wherever I got an offer was my first choice cause I don't really expect more than one. I've also applied to Leicester (had an interview), Bristol (nothing), Birmingham (rejected). Wbu?
  7. Heyy! Birmingham, wbu? No mine was only on thursday last week!
    But I thought sod it, anyone with an offer too I'm going to talk to haha!
  8. Just saw you got an offer for nottingham too, thought I'd be like ahhhhh see you there! Sorry I'm so excited!
  9. Oh yeah great chats on the student room! As if we don't chat like all day about your random stories anyway! hahaha Amber 52 posts you're such a student rooom keeno!

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