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  1. Hello Elwyn, If you are still having exams, please don't bother. I had some physiology doubts to ask: 1) With regards to the secretion of saliva, why does HCO3- ions levels increase if the rate of secretion is increased? I can see how an increase in the rate of secretion would lead to increased levels of sodium and cloride ions in the saliva (less time for reabsorption during the 'ductal modification stage'), but I cannot see how the HCO3- concentration would increase since it is not an ion that is reabsored but an ion that is secreted during the ductal modification stage.

    2) With regards to the pancreas, during the duct cell modification of acinar secretion, are the bicarbonate ions reabsorbed or secreted? I was a little bit confused about this after reading the textbooks and, once again, why does the bicarbonate levels increase with increased rates of secretion?

    Thank you very much for the help. Any clarifications would be useful!
  2. Hello Elwyn,

    Please can you answer my question?
  3. Hello,

    I am going on the 5th July open day (the general one) but I am seeing the medical school

    Just wondering because I am going by train which station I need to be going to which is closest to the university?

    Cardiff central
    Cardiff bay
    Cardiff queens street
    Rhoose cardiff airport

    Thank you
  4. :hi: Something I started about an hour ago.
  5. Actually realised the R.E was a full course so that's 7A* 1 distinction and 2A, so would that mean my score was 25? Or does the distinction count as an A* and I'd have 26?
  6. Sorry to bother, but I was hoping you could clear up some confusion, I may apply to Cardiff university for medicine next year and I wanted to know what my GCSE score would be

    English Language-A*
    English Literature-A*
    Religious studies- A* (1/2 GCSE)

    Would they include the distinction and R.E as A*s or would they not include them, meaning I would only actually have 8 GCSEs?
  7. I was waiting outside the Shared Lecture Theatre this afternoon before lunch while the second years were walking out of a lecture, and I was trying to listen for anyone who had a welsh accent to try and spot you.. (not sure if you even have a welsh accent!) Unfortunately, I didn't catch any accents.
  8. As you're a medic, I think you may be the only person who's posted on the 'Sleep question' thread that could find my attempt at an explanation mildly interesting!

    (PS I'm not rep-whoring, I only wrote to you because you had completely the right idea but mentioned not having the scientific knowledge)
  9. I hav an offer to study medicine 2014 at Cardiff nd birmingham nd hoped u could answer some qs regarding Cardiff to help me choose.

    All qs are about 1st year

    How many exams do u hav?
    Wat is format of exams?multiple choice?
    R exams time pressured?
    R exams mainly factual recall or application?
    Is library open 24/7?
    How many people fail exams?
    Which hall has the best accommodation? Biggest rooms?

  10. Hi Elwyn!
    There has been a lot of discussion over GCSE thresholds for Cardiff (many of which claiming 25-26 is the cut-off). My score adds to 24, do you think I have a reasonable chance of success?
    I know this is an awkward question, but I would prefer to have realistic expectations.

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