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  1. Bless them, we still have more Rep than them though
  2. Ahh, thanks for pointing that out
  3. Sorry for the really slow reply, I always forget to check my profile messages. It really depends on the university for example I know that Manchester and SOAS have accelerated classes for intermediate learners whereas the Cambridge course is ab initio, regardless of prior knowledge. It might be worth considering the other aspects of the course such as literature, history, etc since if this is a large part of the degree then perhaps having an advantage in the language alone may not be as much of a huge advantage as expected.
  4. Also Yhh I go back to Djibouti
    Every couple of years to visit my family
    And you know learn more about the culture
  5. Lol are you serious, hmm now that I think about it you're
    Right I mean this is TSR after all. So how can Ordinary people afford these exceptionally high prices do they take loans out or ? The States is a good place to live if you've got The cash for it, if you don't then it's bye bye
    The state does not care about you right. Lol

    Anyways it's 2:30 am I am off to bed.

  6. Oh ok, now I understand the US is a rip off when
    It comes to higher education why Is't so expensive?
    Also aren't Scholaships are hard to attain though ?

    By the way your username is wicked
  7. Oh ok well that sounds wicked. I mean I do not speak Arabic, but I would Like to one day. How about you just go And
    live/visit an Arab country. Hopefully that Is what I am planning to do after university Live in Lebanon or Egypt for couple months That should hopefully give me the chance to learn the language.
  8. I am amazed you actually know Djibouti not a lot of people do. :O
  9. Yes sir, Viva la Djibouti .
  10. Yes I hope to study Hebrew and Persian at Manchester, I've applied for Persian at Edinburgh and Arabic at Westminster but have my heart set on Manchester! Good luck I know the fees are incredibly high especially for International students which is such a shame

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    This site has gone to **** since neg rep was removed. I no longer post here.

    I'm a Yank by birth, never really fit in there though. I'm a dual Italian/American citizen and nowadays live in the Italian Alps. Next year (2014) I will finally begin an engineering degree. Other interests include Newcastle United and European politics.
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    Went through the UCAS scheme twice now, getting unconditional offers for various languages (Arabic, Persian, Middle Eastern stuff) from various unis (St Andrews, Leeds, Edinburgh, SOAS), but couldn't afford to study there in the end.

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