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  1. How did you prepare for it? No, JMC doesn't.
    That sucks! Eastside is so close though. Eh, do you not like being with a roommate?
    I probably won't get the Scholarship anyway... I think my piano playing is too rusty but it sounds like an amazing opportunity.
  2. Why thank you, I never realised how wrong it was for so long XD
  3. Sorry, completley missed this message. Are you refering to my broken down car? I was the east coast of scotland, somewhere north of kirkcaldy.
  4. I wish he was mine :sad:
  5. I'm pretty sure this is it:

    Can't handle the thundah of real talk? :sexface:
  6. on second thought, 'cerebral' is good, I think we're on the same page with it

    soz for spamming
  7. (message was too long... orz)

    Nice critique btw, although at first I found 'cerebral' a strange way to describe Richter. It makes sense, but 'cerebral' instantly makes me think 'technical' (as in, ONLY technical) whilst Richter to me was the most spiritual pianist of all time, in the same vein as Lipatti. There was a great documentary about him (Richter) on youtube, you should check it out if it's still there. Very intruiging dude. :awesome: :awesome: :awesome:

  8. Lipatti's recordings of Chopin's nocturnes are possibly my favourite... couldn't hear him playing the Waldstein though, it's too aggressive (although there are plenty of pansy Beethoven recordings, ofc -- part of why I LOVE Gould's Beethoven is 'cause he took the dynamics to the extreme, which is how Beethoven should be played IMO... naturally the armchair critics detest it).
    You think real talk is incompatible with piano? :awesome: I play, but not well enough to actually call myself a pianist, and since uni I haven't touched any keys apart from the ones that I'm using to type now ;_; but I remain an avid listener...
  9. Gulda though :hand:
    Richter is where it's at :suith:

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