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  1. Yeah I've been on to the facebook page, none so far. I guess most people will get theirs this week though as they had to wait for A levels. I'm in room one Victoria halls J7 which is a double bed en-suit room! I can't complain! (except the 100 quid price tag :unimpressed:)

    I'm not worried about my age, not for the course at least. I can be ridiculously shy or stupidly loud depending on situation. I don't think being 20 0r 80 will change that about me!

    If I see you I will for sure say Hi. Feel free to do the same.

    Oh gosh... FLATMATES. The panic is setting in. I'm not worried about being Best friends with my flatmates (that would be a bonus) but I would like to be friends. Friendly at the very least. I'll stick to them like glue at first, like you say. Hopefully I can find a balance to my shy/loud extremes during freshers!

    Sign me up for the 29th (providing a killer hangover doesn't kidnap me)! (I have no idea why I keep typing '!'. I promise I'm not shouting at my laptop).
  2. I can't find anyone starting Creative Writing at Hallam online yet. Knowing my luck I will be the only one! Although I doubt they would run a whole course for me!

    Knowing I don't need to buy all those books is making me less weepy! The thought of all my money draining away was making me ill! I'll probably buy a couple (the coursebook one and a few others.) Other ones (like Dorian Gray) i would be very thankful to borrow from you! I'll be moving down on the 22nd so we can meet up whenever your free You'll know Sheffield better than me which could be helpful!

    I thought being a 20 year old first year I'd be less nervous but I was wrong! I can't seem to find any of my flat mates online either... I think everyone must be hiding from me. It's the only explanation!

    (I'm off to check out the create facebook page as it's just popped up in my notifications)
  3. Thanks for getting back to me! If I could buy/borrow/beg any of these off you ti would be great! (My scanner is committing suicide atm so I'll type it all up! *Deep breaths*)

    So here's my list:

    "All students should make sure they have available:
    1) The creative writing handbook (Edinburgh University press ed. Earnshaw.)
    2) Elements of Style, Strunk and White (Allyn and Bacon)
    3) a good English Dictionary

    Here follows a reading list by module in the first year

    Creative Language Awareness
    Further reading:
    Frameworks of English
    Varities of English: an introduction to the study of language
    Style (Macmillan)
    Stylistics: a practical coursebook

    Introduction to writing
    Hamlet (Ardent edition or Oxford edition)
    The Rover
    Moll Flanders
    Wuthering Heights (I already own this)
    Th picture of Dorian Gray
    Look back in anger

    Writing Now
    Pirate Poems (David Harmer)
    The Testament of Jessie Lamb (Jane Rogers)
    The Vice Society (James McCreet)

    Craft and Form + Verse and Narrative
    George Orwell, Why I write
    Frank O'Connor, The lonely voice: A study of the short story
    John Redmond, How to write a poem
    Tony Curtis, How poets work
    Don Paterson, 101 Sonnets
    Ted Hughes/Seamus Heaney, The rattle bag
    Julia Bell, The Creative writing coursebook [Recommended for purchase]
    Secondary Reading. highly recommended
    Staying alive: real poems for unreal times
    Runaway (Alice Munroe)

    Writing, Visual Experience and Experimentation
    Notes of a painter (Borrow from library in first semester, don't buy)

    And flex fingers.

    Also, I have my meetings schedule for the first week and have 'Course Social, English Programme' on Wed 26th - What is this? Is it an informal meeting?

    Thanks again!
  4. Hi

    So I received my reading list and the price of buying the books is making me weep! (The first is £18 alone!) And then I remembered you mentioning not buying all of the books as we don not use them all, and so I thought I'd stop by and ask which ones should I buy? Should I wait until it's mentioned in lectures then panic buy or are there certain key books that I must buy (like the £18 soul crushingly priced book by earnshaw?)
  5. Yarn Bombing does look fun I noticed some people know how to knit as well... do you think I should try and learn before Sep? Or is one of the meetings going to be focused on everyone learning to knit?
  6. I've requested to to join the group on fb Yarn bombing looks fun
  7. Love some South Park. It's a must watch after a horrific film to calm my easily scared self down (I got scared at House of Wax).

    I figured the magazine wouldn't be a typical social thing, but I need to get used to sharing my work with others and it seems a good way to go about it. Plus the idea of helping out with the publication side of stuff sounds fun, but I guess I'll wait until I've checked it out to fully hype myself up about it.

    I'm excited for the create and make - can I not bargain a sneak peak of hints of whats install from you? Even just a few things to expect?
  8. I'm officialy freaking voer this exam! Ah well... not much I can do about it now!

    South Park <3 That sounds ridiculously good!

    I'm legit interested in the society - I think I've taken advise from people a little too far as I've looked through the socities and made a list of those to check out at the freshers fair! I shall be stopping by your stall for sure!

    Are there any other societies you are involved with or think I should check out?

    So far i've listed:

    -Stop the Traffik
    - Create and Make
    - ink magazine

    Is the Creative Writing group disbanded? It's written there but it isn't linked to anything.
  9. Exam? EXAM? EXAM!!!! :afraid:

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised... I just freaking HATE exams. Was it ridiculously hard?

    Writing now sounds kind of intriguing, how off topic are we talking? Way-out-waky? or slightly strange? Well, as you said, I'm sure I'll find out. How do Workshos work exactly? Do you find out before which persons work will be discussed or is it all spur of the moment? Do people offer to have their work discussed or is it set time-tabled by the tutor?

    I'm not sure if the workshops or the lang/lit lectures sound more daunting... This Uni malarky really makes me doubt my intelligence!

    Is there a typical type of work that people on your course seem to write? I'm slightly paranoid about everyone reading out their great literary works and me bumbling my way through something CW students think is a cop out. My ramblings probably make no sense but I guess I just wondered if the range of writing ont he course is large?

    I haven't found anyone yet who is studying on my course this year. I'm not too worried about that though as I will meet them all soon enough

    Victoria halls is my second choice. How did you find your halls?

    Pearl House seems great but I have no idea what it looks like inside and I'm worried that it won't be as sociable as it is smaller than some other places. Do you think this would be the case? I don't mind the entry being a bit dingy as long as the interior is OK. I like the location of Pearl as I geekily already checked it out on google maps!

    I've been looking at societies and one of the ones I've decided to check out is the create and make one so meeting the president ahead of time is handy!
  10. 5 day weekend? I could deal with that Ugh, essays! Gah I thought not mixing with English would banish those vile things from my life! How different are the Writing and lit/lang lectures? I've heard Writing is more workshop based but when I visited for the open day there were no tutors or student rep's for the Creative Writing course so my actual knowledge of it is limited. I'm basically going on blind faith and borderline obsessive interest in CW!

    Specific questions? Hum... maybe just to pick your brain on what I can expect in the first few days? How soon do they have us share our writing? Do they make you hand out copies of your writing? Is the feedback brutal?

    It's great to find someone else on here that is studying CW! Trying to find information on the course is hardwork!

    I mainly write prose but I'm really interested in learning to write script. How about yourself?

    I've reached my conditional offer and sent my results to Hallam like 2 weeks ago so I'm just waiting for them to cofirm now and tell me where I will be living. Did you/do you live in halls? I'm terrified I've chosen the wrong options. How likely is it that I would end up in my first or second choice? If I didn't like my halls would I be able to request to change them before I moved in?

    Hallam is my first choice so I will be 100% (if nothing drastic goes wrong) moving there this September.

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