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  1. Sounds amazing! A year out would certainly be a welcome break but I'm not sure I'd do anything useful with it haha. Plus the money I saved this year is helping me for first year uni rather than a once in a life time holiday although Cardiff electives look mint since they're after finals so that should be good! Oh yeh the Millennium Stadium on your door step would be insanely good!!! Oh the dissection rooms were rather... creepy/cool? Haha it's weird to say I've now seen a dead body. Although I swear the person's next to me stomach rumbling
  2. Cardiff is awesome! I suppose you didn't get a look around the medical school since you had your interview in Bangor, but it really is incredible! How come you deferred if I might asked?
  3. Alright thanks offer from Birmingham but I will most definately be firming Cardiff given the chance! How about yourself?
  4. Yeahhh, porthmadog ( the armpit of wales some call it).
  5. I like Hairy Potter too
  6. I like Hairy Potter too
  7. cool thanks! I already knew that he got in from my stalking skills
  8. I've got offers from Bath, Lancaster and Exeter too, but nothing from Durham yet
    Which is your first choice? x
  9. Same with me, everyone else in the year who applied got rejected, I was pretty shocked :/
    Have you had any other interviews?
  10. futuredoc77
    I have applied to Cardiff yes, Notts and Bristol. They haven't rejected anyone yet... so can't really say anything.
    I'm just hoping for something :erm:

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