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  1. One of the best looking girls on the thread so far
  2. hi i was just looking through BSMS thread and you seemed to know what you're talking about. i was just wondering if it was true that after interview at BSMS the slate is wiped clean and they grade you on how you interviewed alone? TIA
  3. :ciao: How did A-levels go?
  4. Oh good! How's that going and where is it you're looking likely to go? I've been incredibly busy so it seems. Finished my last piece of work on Monday and have now 3 months for my dissertation. So can relax a bit!
  5. Heya, just going through my inbox and seen loads of people I ahven't spoken to in a while! How are you? Thanks for friending too!
  6. I know, same here but thats not the point!
    I think I'm going to firm Southampton But I'm not sure!!!!! I like both of them still!
  7. Cardiff suck... You know they interview 3 at a time, well the girl who interviewed at the same time as us got an offer. 1 in 3....

    ah well! Where do you think you'll firm?
  8. Yeah. I love BSMS too... oh it is horrid knowing they have decided but havn't told us!!!!!!
    Do you know when you'll hear from your others?
    ooo! Your sister goes there?! What does she think of the uni? you def won't get lost then!
  9. I'm worried i'm going to get lost! Cardiff looks so confusing! All in a days challenge... :P
    What do you reckon they'll ask? I think I've prepared my ps from my last 2 interviews but gonna look back over it tomorrow. Do you think they'll ask about NHS reforms? and current issues?
  10. Hey!
    I'm nervous!! And i know what you mean! I'd have thought by now we'd be good at interviews lol ah well...
    And no.. I'm going to go to Heath Park medical school for 10 am I think. But I might ring them tomorrow.. because that is so confusing! And you have leicester the day after too.. ahh! good luck

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