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    Charlotte Leanne Pazos
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    Born in USA, Iowa. Traveled the world (parents were traveling fire-artists) when I was too young to know what was going on =/
    Settled in Cambridge when I was 6 and my mother was studying at Cambridge Uni. She got the highest score recorded in that department ever, then went onto become a raging hippie who teaches yoga. I live off of Mung beans and rice and yogi tea. You learn to adapt. =)

    I'm a blend of my parents quirkiness and your average teenager.

    I'm in year 12 of sixth form.

    I want to be a vet. Not just because the little baby animals are cute. Though I'll admit that they are.

    I'm fully aware that I'm weird =) If you tell me it, I'll take it as a compliment.
    Academic Info
    Chemistry AS
    Biology AS
    Physics AS
    Mathematics Mechanics AS
    Applied science.
    ________________________________ ________________________________ _____________
    Art double award
    English lang
    English lit
    Fire spinning, aerial silks, circus skills, ballet, kickboxing, going on long walks, working out, horse riding, looking after animals, art, singing.
    Vet Hopeful!

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