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  1. I think people would enjoy it! I may even let you critique me :ninja: Bashing me would certainly get you rep :rofl:

    Oooh wonderful, this your last year? Getting by well! Just in London for a bit now then back to Scotland in 2 weeks to start uni myself!
  2. T'was a post worthy of being repped.
    The comment about the curtains being neatly ironed is what did it for me.
    You're welcome. :hat2:
  3. Oh I'm on 1826 now. 526 isn't all that much to gain! You better start whoring again :mmm:

    I am sorry then. :ninja: :lol: Anyway - how're you?
  4. I know. :moon: How close are you to your 8th gem?

    Everything?! :hide:
  5. Forgot you could see. :flutter: It made me chuckle, and I felt I owed you +7 since last time I repped you I was only on 6. :yep:
  6. Play Fizz, pretty much NOBODY at our ELO knows how to handle Fizz.
    I've only seen one person lane against a Fizz relatively well, and that was ForellenLord. He lost lane though xD
  7. Jayce is still stronk even after the nerf, poke their support -> they have to back -> hit turret
    I should actually play him more... I think he suits your champion critera - good wave clear with a few items and can be played mid/top
  8. It's worth having to listen to that crap cause there's a lot to learn :3

    Jayce and Kennen are still the way forward
  9. Kporn I mean, kpop is weird :dontknow: some kpop is good
    Good: (Ahri's dance came from this song)
    and then there's the bad.
    Bad: listening to the first few seconds of this will scar you :lolwut:

    But still, those videos are so worth watching, I learnt a lot
  10. Koreans #1
    I only win so much because I always have people carry me
    Could help you with learning laning

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