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  1. No problem, I'm still enamoured with my 10/10 would band picture :love:
  2. Oh I assumed you did want the attention!

    I'm not sure, I've never been. Marshmallows and fire play a big part I'd imagine. Also I'm laughing at the 'tsr popular crew' thread :teehee: I know he's talking about me and Tyrion in particular, he made another thread before asking why we were so popular. :lolwut: EVERY ONE OF HIS THREADS HAS BEEN ABOUT TSR MEMBERS. Beyond creepy.
  3. I bought that sexy hamster huehuehue
  4. If you pretended to be female he most certainly would. :console:

    Oooooh nice! Wild camping? What's the difference between that and normal backpacking? :beard:
  5. But I love covering my feet in corn Lol. Yeah but to want to do things with them...:erm: Just seems odd. The guy PMing me about feet mostly is Zhy...he asks every girl for foot pics but I think he's my own personal stalker today :afraid:
  6. I care :moon:

    Feet just look...I don't even know, they're feet, I had a worse PM concerning them but...too crude. :afraid: I will never understand foot fetishes.
  7. I usually swear far too much. It's not very ladylike. :lol:

    Quite clearly, one stated how he would save my feet photos and jack off to them later. If I'd even been contemplating sending foot pics before that, that most certainly ruined his chances :afraid: Feet are so ugly anyway...
  8. :hide:

    Lol, quite clearly! Hmm, I've tried to cut down my swearing lately. I don't think I've sworn for a few days now :ahee:

    Also I've had 2 PMs today asking for feet pics...I don't even...:lolwut:
  9. Presume what you like Yes let's leave it there. :lol:

    Oooh I'm so curious about what's hidden beneath those 4 stars. Dick-tits is interesting though. Some nice imagery there. :lol:
  10. I don't particularly like anything being done in that area. :dontknow:

    Haha awe well at least he isn't being mean I don't know how I'd react if my dad just started calling me a bitch in jest. :lol:

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