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  1. MyselfEtAl
    U :love: TSR

  2. MyselfEtAl
    Disclaimer for anyone reading this:

    A) OMG you're reading MY wall?! I'm flattered, really

    And B) I have nothing against Chinese people. I'm not racist.

    There. Done.
  3. MyselfEtAl
    I think you're the one who's going to have problems fitting in. Better brush up on your Mandarin :teehee:
  4. MyselfEtAl
    Say inshallah man, c'mon, have I not been teaching this to you all year!

    And HAHAHAHAHAHA no. If I do go there, I'm keeping my London accent, wouldn't trade it for the world BRUV. :cool:
  5. MyselfEtAl
    Also - "one"? :teehee: That's not gonna go down too well miss-Epsom-to-London
  6. MyselfEtAl
    Answer questions when I ask them woman! Also - ARE YOU OR ARE YOU NOT coming to watch The Dark Knight Rises! I need people's money by friday! COMMEEEEE it's gonna be amazing! And we'll piss about in the morning too (25th July - £11.50)
  7. MyselfEtAl
    Are you going in tomorrow?
  8. MyselfEtAl
    Lool no no no no - I count the days until May, not until exams. :lol: That said, I've stopped counting now, I keep telling myself there's enough time for everything, not sure which is better
  9. MyselfEtAl
    I'm bored man - how's revision? Did you get my text?
  10. MyselfEtAl
    I didn't

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