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  1. yeh, I kept a fast a few days ago. 18 and a half hours! Thought it'd be much harder than it was, tbh. Spent half the day in bed lol

    Yep true, it's easy to generalise and make such sweeping judgements.

    From what she said, I think my teacher did feel it was overtly racist and that's why she feels like that. She is pretty open minded and stuff and I don't imagine her to be so judgemental otherwise.

    Guess it's all down to a person's experience.

    Are you back in England yet? Is Australia the only place, abroad, you're gna go?
  2. Is the next one going to be the final book? I thought there were going to be 7 in total. I wonder how long it'll take him to finish it.. not that I mind. As long as it's good (and imo, I think it'll be brilliant as a lot of things will come together and there'll be more action and revelations) then I don't mind how long it takes; it's like the final WoT book. I'm not too bothered about the delay of its' release, I'd rather the story be as perfect as possible.
    As for Catelyn, I guess she is more of a zombie-like figure now.. Her personality has changed, and she's become harsher but I assumed that was because of everything she's been through.. the Stark family is pretty unlucky. It'll also be interesting to see what Arya does with her new assassin-type skills.

    No, I haven't gotten round to that yet. But since it's the summer holidays, I'll be reading a lot more now, so I'll take your recommendations into account.
  3. I refuse to believe that Jon is dead. Either he's just badly injured, or Melissandre will somehow help bring him back. After Catelyn was brought back to life, I haven't been as shocked about any of the deaths that have followed; I really hate it when authors bring dead characters back to life, death is supposed to be final! I don't see what Catelyn's role is going to be in the plot either.. although Brienne turning up to lead Jaime away did make me a little confused; Brienne is the sort of person who would stick by the promises she makes, so there's no way she'd betray Jaime to Catelyn.. I hope!
  4. That's an interesting perspective, because I actually feel that the story has picked up a bit! I thought the development of Theons' character was really well done, and it was nice to finally find out a bit about what Littlefinger had planned. Cersei's plot was also well laid out, I felt, and the arrival of Aegons' army at Westeros is bound to stir things up. It wasn't as action-packed as the first three, but I think it has laid the foundations for the next book which will contain a bit more conflict.

    I haven't heard of that book actually, but it's good to hear I'm not the only one who reads the same books over and over again. Most people think I'm wasting my time, since there are so many fantastic books out there.. which is true, but re-reading a book (especially a favourite!) can definitely help you see things you hadn't noticed before.
  5. Thanks yeah it can be difficult in the summer, with the long days but you get used to it, and it helps to have holidays so you don't have to get up early!

    Ohh that's good! Yeah, it is very stereotypical, but one of my teacher's who is Indian went there and she said they really were racist and she never wants to go back, so that's why I was wondering if you'd experienced anything like that.
  6. Hey! How did you find A Dance with Dragons? I enjoyed it more than A Feast of Crows, but I've become a bit sick of Dany now.. when is she going to leave for Westeros?! The ending with Varys was brilliant though. Plus, I was a bit unsure about the sudden appearance of Aegon Targaryean.. how can we be sure that kid is definitely him?

    I'm currently reading Catch-22 by Joseph Heller at the moment.. I'm going to India for a month so I've bought a couple of books on my kindle including some Terry Pratchett books and the Hunger Games series. What about yourself?
  7. Wow that's so cool! But I heard people in Australia are really openly racist :/ have you experience anything?

    Yeh, I hope they go better than I expect them to be!

    Haven't got much planned at the moment, just seeing what comes up and just chilling it's Ramadhan next month and it's hard to do a lot when fasting etc so that's gna take up some time. Don't know what I'm going to do after that though.
  8. WOOHOOOOOO CONGRATULATIONS that's amazing! See, told you you'd get through it

    So what happens from now?

    My exams finished yesterday, don't think they went too well tbh, but we'll see.

    I'm all good, how're you? How does it feel to be a doctor?
  9. Woah soon! Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine

  10. I'm sure getting MSN wouldn't be too much hassle, it's just the fact that I'm not often on the internet, except to work.
    Thanks for your review of A Storm of Swords btw, I'm halfway through atm and enjoying it. Are you reading anything atm?

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