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  1. Hi! Thanks for your reply (: I'm not sure if I'm definitely going, I'm still trying to make a decision, I went to a post-application day there yesterday actually and I think it just made it more difficult!

    As for the popular culture aspect, does it focus a lot on the culture surrounding media products/how media products affect culture/society, or is a lot of it critical theory on films? Because I got the impression that a lot of it was the latter when talking to one of the tutors yesterday. Also, do you happen to have taken any of these modules: Gender and Sexuality in Film, Online Cultures, Presentations of the Self? Because I'm particularly interested in those. Another thing, I was sure I heard the tutor mention that they look at fandom (as in, the fanbases of certain media) but I wasn't sure if I misheard or not - do they? Sorry for so many questions, I just want to make sure I make the right choice!

    As for other things, what are the different halls like? We visited a bunch yesterday, and Old Hall seemed really fun and sociable, but I worry that having that many people in one corridor could get a little annoying, and also that what with the separated boys and girls corridors, it might be a bit heteronormative. Obviously if you don't stay there you might not know though. Also, a lot of people were saying that the halls with ensuites weren't very sociable - d'you know if that's true? And as for social life, what do you personally do? x
  2. Hey, I saw you over at the St. Mary's Twickenham thread saying you'd be happy to answer any questions, so I just wanted to ask some The course sounds great (I'd be taking Creative Writing and Film & Popular Culture), better than anywhere else I've applied to, but I'm worried about the fact that the uni so small. Do you think that causes any problems? As in, was it more difficult to find like-minded people? Is there a community atmosphere?

    And I know you said you take Film & Popular Culture, how do you find the course?

    Thanks x
  3. Yeah you were definitely lucky, I know of quite a few people who didn't get any on campus accommodation let alone their first choice!

    Yeah for sure add me on Facebook it's Look forward to speaking to you there (: xxx
  4. Hey!

    I'm good thanks, summer is going great so far! How is yours going?
    Oh that's brilliant, my friend lived in Cashin (which is the same as Cronin) and it was really nice! The en-suites are huge, I'm pleased you got what you wanted!

    Haha typical that you've heard about Essex, everyone has, and no one has heard anything good XD Ohh it's actually so amazing that you've only been to London twice because it'll all be really new and exciting for you in September!

    By the way, as I've dropped Film & Pop. Culture now, I wondered if you'd be interested in buying my textbooks off of me? Obviously they'll be cheaper than buying them online as they're second hand, and it means you don't have to carry them overseas (and pay to have them shipped to Luxembourg!) as we could meet up when you get here and I could give them to you? It's just a suggestion, no worries at all if you're not interested (: xxx
  5. Hiya (:
    You're welcome, don't worry about it!

    To be honest I really do think Film & Pop Culture will be a lot better for your year, because we all put in so many complaints that I'm sure they will improve it!

    I stayed in De Marillac, where will you be?

    Yeah I have heard of Luxembourg! I don't know much about it other than that it's near to Belgium, France and Germany! I have been very close to it a few times when driving to Austria!

    I'm from Essex which is just outside of London. Door-to-door my house is a 2 hour journey on the trains and the London Underground from uni, but it's an hour and a half drive, so pretty close!

  6. Hiya (:

    I absolutely love it, having the time of my life! Living in Halls is so incredible and the campus and surrounding area is perfect!

    I did Film & Pop Culture this year and I'm not going to lie, I haven't really liked it. Second semester has been better than first (slightly) because I have found the popular culture side of it very interesting. But the film side hasn't been enjoyable for me. There was a LOT of confusion down to bad teaching this year but we have all put in complaints about it so I am assuming that next year it is going to be GREATLY improved.

    English, I have many friends doing that and they love it, apparently all the lecturers brilliant.

    I'm happy to answer as many questions as possible, feel free to message me with anything you want to know! I love talking about it so if there's anything specific I can help with, do ask!

    Where abouts are you coming from? I have a few friends from abroad here and they are all loving it too (:

    Jocy xx
  7. Thankyou! Yes i have a conditional offer, have to get a D in a quailification that i have decided to finish this year, although I actually already meet the requirements? So slightly disapointed I still have to rely on getting this grade. I have applied for Creative and Pro Writing with Film and Popular Culture now. Are you planning on accepting the offer?
  8. Have been offered a place!
  9. Hey there! No I haven't, its driving me absaloutely insane!!! I check every day and just want them to let me know if its a yes or a no lol. Whats the latest with you?

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