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  1. Yeah definitely.
    Oooh reb. I am trying to get my friend to go, but he still hasn't asked his mum. ><
    Oh right hahaa, yeeah,
  2. Yeaaah I induction is hard. But just getting my head around it. .
    My and my best friend is going to a campout tonight - I am really surprised my mum let me go, I mean she knows there is going to be alcohol and stuff! Again: Another example of my best friend meeting my school friend. :lol:
    Yeeah, I love my old friends as well. But I am glad I moved school!
    Depends. I don't like some of the people in our thread.
  3. Hahaa thanks. I am struggling on the next part of FM though. :nothing:
    Awwwwwwww, I think it is good that I am still close to my best friend but yeaah, she seems to be meeting all my school friends and I never meet her. :lol:
    Yeaah, we are getting on really well, shame we don't go to the same school anymore. I miss not having any of my best friends at school - CD as well. I still text them though.
    I have no idea, but I want to see! :P Definitely! I would very look forward to it! :rofl:
    I bet they were. xx
  4. Awwwwww, I got 35/40 on my FM test.
    That is rather saad. I am hopefully going to a campout on Saturday and I have dragged along my friend even though it is more of a thing within my new school.
    It was really good thanks! We went to Exeter College and I was going to show her our prayer, but I didn't because there was an organ performance. :ninja: We also had a gltter fight in the Pitt Rivers museum.
    I had a message saying it was really bad. :emo: :L xx
  5. That is harsh! I couldn't have a test every week! D:
    YEeaaah definitely, I still catch up with my old friends too which is nice. I went to Oxford on Tuesday.
    Awwh thanks, I don't really go on it. But still! :P xx
  6. It's fine, I went to bed. :smug:
    YEeeah, I enjoy my subjects, it is just fast paced. :/
    Further Maths is okay, hard obviously but you just need to get your head around it and then it is fine.
    The tests are just when we finish topics.
    Yeah they are lovely, what about you? xx
  7. I am good thanks! You?
    It is good, quite fast paced, but loving it! I have a Further Maths test on the first day back. :nothing:
    How about you? xx
  8. Baaabee! I haven't spoken to you in ageees!
  9. ElMoro
    Thank you
  10. ElMoro

    I was wondering if you could sign this petition here to give Babar Ahmad a fair trail :puppyeyes:

    I'd also really appreciate if you could send it to everyone you know - thanks

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