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  1. I'd say I've been reading more French literature, but it balances out with Spanish since my EPQ is on Spanish literature so I've been reading a lot for that...
  2. No I think overall they both went well Well, I hope.
    For some reason French felt like it went better than Spanish, that's all
  3. I feel the same as you really... there were a few parts I remembered how to do AFTER the exam- but that's always the case, so not too bad I think. I definitely preferred French to Spanish.
  4. How did you find the MLAT?
  5. I picked Hertford mainly due to its small 'family' atmosphere and central location opposite the library. They also have a cat

    I haven't finished Madame Bovary yet, but so far I'm really enjoying it. I love Flaubert's hidden meanings through symbolism- especially his genius use of windows!
  6. Nag o ma Scylla
    I think the test I did was very similar to the specimens, so I would just concentrate on the things that came up in them - I think I concentrated on irregular verbs and uses of the subjunctive. For Oxford, grammar is definitely more important than vocabulary at this stage!
  7. Aw thank you! I absolutely love Verlaine
    Ah nice to meet you, I'm feeling nervous for the exam but luckily I've done a few practice ones so fingers crossed. Good luck to you!
    Which college have you applied to?
  8. Nag o ma Scylla
    I haven't actually had any nagging messages before so you're fine for now! The tutors here are really nice; I'm sure they won't be agressive at all. In fact, I had a tutorial today and had misunderstood something in the passage which meant that one of the major points in my essay was completely redundant, but he still gave me lots of positive comments! I don't think I'm allowed to divulge the sort of things they ask in much detail but if you've mentioned a book in your PS there will probably be a bit of a discussion about that. Very little of the interview was in French, and what was was fairly basic. I think they are probably more interested in your grammar than your spoken French - we don't even have oral classes until next term! The test is quite challenging though; I got 72%, I think, so you don't need to get everything right by any means. I presume you're doing the language aptitude test as well - I really enjoyed that! I'm sure going to the open day wouldn't have made you any better prepared - I didn't go to one as I live five hours away from Oxford. Anything else, do ask and I'll see if I can say anything useful. And I am enjoying it, thank you!
  9. Right, so I got 11A* and an A (damned ICT...) at GCSE and 4 As at A-level (before the days of A*). But grade paranoia is silly! Just concentrate on reading lots in your languages, things that interest you and that you will be able to talk about with genuine passion and interest.
  10. I don't think the tutors have any preference of the nature of written work. I'd just pick the essays which best reflect your ability. Just make sure they're marked before they're sent off! (And if you're teacher's like mine, kindly tell her when the deadline is.)

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