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  1. ....and I just realised you posted it 9 months ago.
  2. "How is that irony?" made my day. THANK YOU
  3. Big luff for you too. :pierre:

    P.S in a non-perv way, I found you on Facebook.
  4. It is! Almost as nice as my real one
  5. As if you don't love it!
  6. whoop :bootyshake:
  7. I'm tempted to do it again just to see what the punishment is
  8. Haha what a massive faux pas on my part
  9. Ooh are you Indian? You don't look it
  10. Just tell her you're literally sorry

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    Where I study
    in an even more secret location..
    Thomson's Gazelles and other small mammals
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    Like to think of myself as a pretty nice kinda person, enjoy learning, really do, find the law very interesting, moved around a little bit but am now happily settled in family life. Like to talk to different people, contribute to discussions etc etc REALLY looking forward to uni now
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    Future plans, Uni to read Law.
    Giggity, and other such things.

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