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  1. Cheers man the PhD is traditional doctoral route and strongly structured towards academia, whereas the EngD is more of a practical doctoral route during which I will spend the majority of my time working in industry on real-world problems... my heart is set on the PhD but my head says do the EngD. i'm stuck but gotta make the decision by end of this week
  2. passed with first class (hons), offered two research positions a PhD down south (Reg Med) and an EngD up in Scotland - still deciding which is best option as they are both exciting routes to take. ye im cool with that if you wana make the transac in person im free al week, let me kno wenever
  3. ahhh awesome- well, see you in september then man
  4. hey dude, hows me fellow med eng - did you crack on with it? im officially not at the uni but still pop in now and again, i've now taken up a research position in the field of regenerative medicine, read up about it im sure it'l motivate you even more and a potential route you could also take in the future.
  5. Hey man

    Saw your post on the forum - sorry I deleted my post, we were having talks of how to word it, and then it got sorta forgotten.

    We teach yip man wing chun form 5pm till 7pm in the union. Were a small club, but very friendly and always up to train. Iv been with them for 2 years now, and its been awesome.

    If you interested, send me a message and when your in leeds come train with us. we gor a free class in october the 2nd, or you could just turn up to one of the classes. Were rearly happy to have new people, so think youd like it

    Hope to see you soon man

  6. demi...are your grades AABB fror A2 levels? Reading your post in Grad society and tbh thought you would get in somewhere with AAB never mind offering 4 A2 levels. Anyway, just wondered. E.
  7. I am the stone that the builder refused I am the visual the inspiration that made lady sing...
    Awesome lyric.

  8. dmz
    facebook, you'll know about it anyway Cos the ads'll be all over the place anyway
    Same! I just want to be there already
  9. was thinking that as well but just depends. events on the 18th I'm there deff! where you heard about them? wonderd about freshers cant wait atall!
  10. dmz
    apply for promo jobs too but only if i don't get in NHSP. Ha right, was wondering cos you had an unconditional. I work in a care home im salford at the minute. I applied online but seems to be the wrong way of going about it. Moving my things on the 11th, and i'm movimg in on the 16th, some good events on the 17th and 18th already

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