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  1. Don't forget I'm VP of it so if it was me giving out tea then yes it was me :p:

    2 people asked me if I was Loz from TSR so it wouldn't have been weird. Should have come and said hi so I knew your face. I don't know who you are :sad:

    If you're coming to the societies freshers fayre tomorrow (which I recommend, Dominos give away free pizza!!!!) then come up to our stand and introduce yourself. I want to meet you
  2. Ooh, thanks!
    Yes, I know, how scary?!
    7 days! O:
  3. Oh Alex, you spoil me. Harassment, hooray!
    I've been fine thanks, what about you? (:
    I've gone off TSR for a bit. Still log in and check my messages, but don't really get involved in threads anymore (well, lately anyway). Is the thread still going? I may post in it tomorrow. (: x
  4. I'm in Parkwood Grimshill Court, you?
    And I picked Revolutionary Europe, Medieval Europe pre 1066, Emergence of America pre 1880, Victorian Britain, England in the Age of Chivalry and Renaissance Courts How about you??
  5. Oh that's funny, we're from (nearly) the same town, studying the same subject at the same university!
  6. Haha!
  7. Bahaha, you wouldn't need a degree for that.
    Although, you're doing history, right?
    I could use your knowledge on avoiding losing battles.
  8. Family stuff!
    Bad times. Plenty of opportunities though, yeah! (:

    Or are you just saying that to gain the place of second in command? (':
  9. Sounds nice! Topgear ftw!

    I stayed in on Thursday... );
    If only they did a degree in that...
  10. Well done you!
    Haha, thank you. I plan to be a Lawyer though, not a dictator... although that could work.

    I know! I was expecting to see the table, so was ready to slowly open my eyes when it loaded, but instead just read "Unconditional for Sheffield" and almost died. Nobody was there to celebrate with me, and I didn't believe it, so I got my results before telling anyone.

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