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  1. I am not a student of Sussex in case that's your reference . I worked there for a while
  2. So it will be fine?
  3. Hello me again!

    wondered if I could get your advice...again!

    I've have received all my offers now;
    Hull Uni - Law with foundation
    Leeds Uni - BA social science with option to go on to Law
    Leeds Met - LLB Law

    which would be more appealing to future employers, and better to study at as someone who is very serious about succeeding in Law?

  4. Thanks for the rep!
  5. No problem! I'll post a thread in the Legal section instead. :yep:
    I figured that if I asked somebody directly that it would eliminate the chance of my questions not being answered but I understand your rationale.
    Thanks for getting back to me!
  6. Hi nulli,

    I imagine you get a tonne of questions from prospective lawyers so I'm wondering whether you'd be willing to offer some advice if I were to PM you. In particular, I'm seeking a little advice about senior status law degrees and also criminal law.


  7. hey, thanks for the reply. And that's the more impressive if done purely of interest.
  8. Hi. I understand you are involved in recruitment at a legal firm and was hoping for your assistance.

    1. What difference, from a general employer's prospect, is there between a law degree from Warwick and Manchester? (Assuming the same classification from both.)

    2. What is thought about the LSE? Especially in comparison to other UoL colleges such as UCL and KCL.

    3. (slightly separate note): what do you make of Nottingham's law school? Especially the fact that, as I understand it, they give out a lower proportion of firsts/2.1s to law students than at other, similarly ranked universities.

  9. Hi, I just completed an A-Level in OCR Law and was 1 UMS from the A because they increased the boundaries this year. I can't seem to find how many raw marks one UMS is worth? How could I go about calculating this. In addition, thank you for my UCAs extra advice back in February.
  10. Hello! I really value your opinion so I was wondering whether you could make your contribution to this thread.

    Thank you!

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