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  1. Thank you for rapid answer!
    Well, I'd like to take the Bio NatSci and focus on cancer/genetics research most probably in the future so I think voluntary work experience would be good. I'm taking IB Diploma, but we have no predicted grades so far.
    Still, isn't it that UK applicants are slightly in favour of getting into Cambridge? That's what majority of people (including my teachers, who have a long story of sending several people into Oxbridge) says and I think it would be natural for UK universities to choose the UK applicant out of two similar applications. But if you say that UK and EU standards are the same, then it must be true!
    Thank you very much! I am more confident now.
    Best regards!
  2. Hey!
    Straight to the point - how much is demanded from a EU applicant to get into NatSci? I mean, I bet the requirements must be even a bit higher for outside-UK applicants, even if they live in the EU and so I would really like to know what is needed, apart from grades and further reading. Is some kind of scientific research just taken for granted when applying to Oxbridge. I'm planning to make some research with my friend on something related to nanomedicine or organic chemistry, I hope that would be sufficient. However, I don't really have THAT many academic achievements (like some olympiads or scholarships etc.) Is it really that important while applying to Cambridge from a position of someone outside UK? I am a volunteer in a hospice and have tutored a group of children in English, which I hope will help me with my application (of course, it's not just for that that I do this )
    I'm really looking forward to your reply, even though I realize you must be getting thousands of PMs a day
    Thanks a lot!
  3. I have a friend called Z, you're not him :puppyeyes:
  4. Nice username :holmes:
  5. Hi!
    I'm getting my AS results next month and am wondering if you know any tsr members doing Classics in Cambridge because I'd like to know more about the modules being studied!
    Also, how are admissions for international students? I'm Singaporean and took O levels (from what I've heard, an older version of GCSEs perhaps?) before deciding to take my A levels in UK. I also have almost no exposure to Classics except through internet resources and books so am quite worried about my personal statement and the interview process. I've checked up the Classics admissions test (could only find Oxford's) and find it daunting, especially if it has to be done within an hour!
    How is the weather in Cambridge? The last time I went there for the Classics Joint Open House with Oxford it was freezing!! I find that Cambridge has a better environment for studying and is also more peaceful as compared to Oxford which appears to be bustling with life but I can't be very sure of that since I've been there only once and twice in Oxford :P

    Thank you!!
  6. Thanks for the quick reply!

    Ok that puts my mind at ease. It's the subject I'd definitely take if I hadn't heard so much bad about it, but everyone I know who did it didn't like it, and told me not to do it :/

    I'm definitely not planning on doing rowing so that's okay, early mornings do not agree with me, and I have a less masochistic attitude towards sport :P

    One last thing: is there any way I could prepare for taking it over the summer?

    Thanks again, really appreciate the advice.
  7. Hey, I was wondering if you could help me: I've got an offer for natsci for next year and I have to choose my modules - the one I'm debating is materials. It seems to have a bad rep but I don't know why. Do you do materials, and if so can you explain? Cheers
  8. Sorry if my topic somehow accosted you. It seems manifold people were insulted somehow from their grouching. "/. Thanks for being perhaps one of only three people who provided me with a viable answer which actually assisted me.
  9. Also what tests do you have to take for natural sciences? Some say the tsa, but some mention step, yet others don't so I'm a little confused.
    So if your college that you've applied to doesn't choose you, are you automatically placed in the pool system?
    I really liked Queens' because it seemed quite unique with the tudor architecture, I know there are some more horrible blocks, but when I went round it seemed to have a good balance of 'laid backness' and lots going on.
    I think my main choice in college would be a good atmosphere, quite laid back and liberal like you mentioned with King's (its a Headstart course there by the way) and is there any particularly good music scenes, say a college with lots of gigs for example?
  10. Hi, there, I hope you don't mind me asking you a few questions about Cambridge, and in particular Natural Sciences.
    My name's Katie, and I've just done my AS's, in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, English Lit and History. I've recently become obsessed with the idea of studying at Cambridge, but it's dawned on me (especially after my exams made me want to cry!) it seems a ridiculously impossible task to get a place! Is there anything you can advise to help an application? I am going on a Physical science course there this summer. Sorry to be a nuisance, just crippled by lack of confidence, I would hate to apply only to find out it's a complete waste of time and an application! Thanks for any help you could give

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