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  1. im so academic
    If you knew why I say certain things, you would understand. EVERY person I've talked to via PM who "disapproved" of my opinions and I've told them why - they were more tolerant of what I have to say.

    Remember, I don't say certain things for no reason. And I certainly do not personally insult anyone regardless of what they may say to me. I've had my share of personal insults on this site tbh.
  2. im so academic
    Why do you hate me? You used to be so nice, but now you're not.
  3. its a bast**d being a "disruptive" kid aint it.
    i mean, purposfully waking up and thinking "you know what im going to run about 100 peoples lives today by messing about.

    infact that was my thought EVERYMORNING

    my thoughts wernt "urgh why am i still alive" or "do i have to face another day"
  4. im so academic
    :rolleyes: You think I give a **** about rep? Neg me all you like, I could not care less.
  5. oh she doesnt get to me, im proud iv ruined hundreds of peoples education
  6. im so academic
    Pathetic ad hom remark. My rep is hidden as I have became a sub today, and I cba changing my rep settings. As you can see my name colour is pink and I cba changing that.
  7. im so academic
    I see you have removed the post you made about me. :rolleyes:
  8. hi lol
  9. Woohoo somebody joined the Sims Society, thanks !!
  10. Suuuuuuuuuure you ain't. Your posts reek of "desperate virgin", trying to convince a forum of students who really couldn't care less and just want to take the piss, that you are some Casanova who sleeps with ladies and leaves them wanting more.

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