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  1. Have you noticed that DYKWIA has been banned? What shall we do for entertainment now? :teehee:
  2. i provided evidence, backing up my claims - this one you really cannot claim is from a 'right wing hate group'. Please answer me this, is it right to silence and bully those who oppose you in order to get more rights?

    if you want me to be silent though, i will.
  3. im sorry lewis, i can be slightly insensitive towards gay people sometimes.
  4. Merci beaucoup!

    I'm still waiting on Edinburgh, St Andrews, Strathclyde and Glasgow :'(

    Who have you heard from?
  5. And, I have an offer! Sheffield, ABB (B in Spanish :fluffy:) Wooot!
  6. I dont see why not! Although Wales would probably struggle alot more than Scotland if it went independent but i have high hopes for the country. Scots and Welshies wouldnt be voting for such nationalist parties if they didnt want independence.

    Plus them sheep are so... :coma:

  7. Random, but it seems like support for Welsh independence is also growing. Plaid Cymru's membership has gone up by 25% in the past four months!
  8. aww must be annoying! i'm doing french maths and business, hating maths haha! what about you?
  9. ahh cool oh right, are they the only two you're waitin to hear back from? aww no i wanna carry on with french haha but russian does sound like a good one to learn! think im gonna firm sheffield and have aber as my insurance, too hard to choose though i keep changing my mind but sheffield's definitely my favourite!
  10. sounds good which do you reckon will be your firm/insurance? and sheffield, aber, liverpool, leeds and bangor! haha yes it is haha

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    A: French, Spanish, Geography
    D: Politics (God knows why I took it.)

    A*: French, Spanish, Religious Education and Welsh (2nd language).
    A: English lang, English lit, Geography.
    C: Maths, Science (Double award)

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