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  1. hi i noticed you're applying to do french and spanish at aber? i have as well where else have you applied?
  2. I reckon Nottingham and Sheffield are going to be my top two, they are ma faves! I visited UCL but didn't like it all that much (I tend to have pretty strong first opinions! :P) I'm still waiting to hear from Bristol, wish they'd pull their bloomin socks up! Edinburgh looked really nice but I wasn't too keen on the distance from home.
  3. Cannot remember when I visited Southampton, seems like forever ago! I wasn't too enamoured with it to be honest, what did you think? Where else you applying?
  4. What's the difference? I'm not sure, and I'm really worried. :s
  5. Hi there, did you apply for Modern European Languages, or Spanish and French?

    I applied for Italian and Spanish (RR34), but I'm worried that I should've applied for Modern European Languages (T900)
  6. It annoyed me so much when I saw it. It's not just the fact it's a pro-gay message on a church, but also the fact the message is so wrong. Gay marriage is not a right. Did you know that people in different areas of the USA have voted 32 times on gay marriage and each time gay marriage lost? The people should have a say.

  7. I don't normally walk up this way - but this gross message on the side of a church...
  8. Hey, you're not bothering me at all - I like to talk to other linguists! The link is here, but it doesn't include Ъ, Ы or Ь presumably because there is no English equivalent.
  9. yay! you accepted my friend request...
  10. i didn't realize it was so low. TBH though, you seem just as bad as religious folk. You hate religion a lot and aren't very accepting of them.

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    A*: French, Spanish, Religious Education and Welsh (2nd language).
    A: English lang, English lit, Geography.
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