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  1. nice to meet you then. well, pittsburgh's very different to the rest of pennsylvania tbh.
  2. you're right. I also doubt you spend much time in Pittsburgh. Luckily, I don't see very many gay people round here. Although, i've seen one or two recently :Z

    i'm Charlie
  3. fwiw, i have enough respect for you that i wouldn't say anything if i saw you holding hands in public.
  4. still don't like my spelling huh? These organizations always have an agenda. Having a liberal agenda is still having an agenda.
  5. There's no 'unbiased' organization. You just don't agree with the sources I give, so dismiss them as conservative propaganda.
  6. There are some examples, like the one in your youtube video, but I don't think it always works so well. What should never happen is a gay couple getting a child over a straight couple.
  7. and you think gay couples are better? I really don't agree. I think gay couples don't offer the necessary environment to raise children. Children raised in homes are still treated well, but they aren't likely to turn out gay.
  8. They are the reason that your computer doesn't take hours to turn on and the reason a google search doesn't take millennia.

    eugh, gay adoption.... I don't see how one example should be a good reason for encouraging gay adoption. IMO children's homes are perfectly acceptable. I'd much rather be raised in a home than a gay couple.
  9. I've done a lot of programming. I'm more into the theoretical aspects of computer science though - algorithm design, efficiency etc.
  10. i've heard that learning your third language is much easier than your second...

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    A: English lang, English lit, Geography.
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