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  1. It is, though I can see you are about as interested as I am in history/geography/languages..
  2. I thought i'd be a politician .

    no, i'll probably go into the high tech industry.
  3. that's cool. is there any particular kind of journalism you wanna do? Would you not be a journalist if you lived in canada?
  4. there's an accent on New Orleans? Seattle isn't that close to Vancouver - i think it's like a three hour drive. It's where frasier was set though. There are some great museums there and the seattle orchestra is one of the best in the world. You'd like to live in Canada? This might sound arrogant, but there really isn't a lifetime of stuff to do in canada.
  5. NY is a bad place to live - unless you can afford to live in the nice areas of Manhattan , i admit, but it's a nice place to visit. Philly is Philadelphia, a very historical city - plenty of tourist places to visit. Seattle is a good city, you'd like the gay community there... New Orleans has a french community i think. i'd like to visit there myself actually.
  6. meh, or even better: new york, san fran, austin, philly, seattle etc.
  7. Even still, it's really a country that is worth visiting. it's far better than canada lol. i don't even know what there is to do in canada.
  8. lol, Americans don't need a visa to visit britain. Are you sure you need a visa? I thought they were normally reciprocal - ie if x nationals need a visa to visit y then y nationals need a visa to visit x.

    it's a great country with many diverse and great cultures and (most) people speak english here too.
  9. you should visit the US sometime. You have a very warped view of the US. I wouldn't suggest visiting Pittsburgh though, it ain't the most exiting city.
  10. i hate other languages, again - it's not ignorance, I just don't like em.

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