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  1. i don't shed a tear at the fact there aren't many french speakers in the US. i don't think i know much more french than 'bonjour' or 'voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir'. i wish french people would just learn english, then i might actually wanna visit france more...
  2. I didn't realize french was spoken so many places... you're missing canada and the us though.
  3. what's your profile pic? are those places you've visited?
  4. i guess you can't dislike me any more than you already do...
  5. Don't worry, if you were obviously gay I'd probably not engage you...
  6. The out of country tuition fees are real high, not to mention high living costs. I'd like to live somewhere with space, possibly scotland - which only has a population of a few million. edinburgh maybe.
  7. it's like that now, even. legal immigration is tough...

    live - education in europe is expensive. I may be slightly conservative, but im not rich. I find the US a great country but I'd like to experience another part of the world for a long period.
  8. that's because few people seem to be against gay marriage. People use gay marriage as an argument for why britain is more socially advanced than the US like it is an issue that only has one side. While I may be against gay marriage I don't think that makes me racist as well. I'd quite like easier immigration to the uk though. the usa is hardly poor... why would i move to england to steal social security or 'ur jobs' when i have the same or better prospects in the USA?

    I hate politics sometimes. I never bring it up around the dinner table since it's always a bag of hurt to mention it...
  9. BNP? I'm not a neo-nazi. I've seen how they are talked about on this forum. Republicans aren't bigoted or racist or in any way comparable to nazis. Besides, I wouldn't want the huge government spending that went with the nazis.
  10. if i didn't want gay marriage who'd I vote for?! Who do conservative people vote for? i need this info if i move to britain :P

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