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  1. Thanks for letting me know you left the MUN. I have removed you from the usergroup so you shouldn't get any more PM's!
  2. Aite susu
  3. Enoch hi can you send me some more papers. i sent you am email.
    thanks ron.
  4. Enoch thanks mate, can you please check your email. i sent you a message.
    thanks ron.
  5. Enoch hi can you please send me the burmese papers as soon as you can, i would appreciate it. i would be happy to send you something for doing this. contact me on my email. ron.
  6. thank you.
  7. Enoch thank you i appreciate it very much, my email is :
    thank you
  8. Enoch hello i am planning on studying burmese next year at soas and want to get a copy of the past exam papers for burmese language 1 and burmese language 2. as i am not a student as yet is it possible that you can download them for me. if you can i would appreciate it.
  9. Vikki1805
    Never mind.
  10. Vikki1805
    Feel free to give me 293 credits, cheers. :smug:

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    Can't wait to play rocks with you, Zottula

    (Original post by + polarity -)
    The ussumane method

    Couple minutes later...

    (Original post by + polarity -)
    Edited for accuracy

    Posted by zedbrar
    Ussumane has good taste in girls.
    Posted by zedbrar
    Ussumane shouldn't be doing a degree in scouting peng girls....he should be the professor
    Posted by + polarity -
    I can't help but feel that ussumane has taken the role of A_master and has pointed it in a very perverse direction
    Posted by South's Finest
    Ussumane never stops
    Always making movements
    Posted by loonyplatypus
    FFS ussu :mad:
    Posted by n1r4v
    hai ussumane is a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything
    Posted by RamocitoMorales
    This forum can't afford to lose its only black member!
    Posted by QAZ25
    Mods should think WWJD before banning someone :sadnod:

    What Would Jesus Do? He would forgive ussumane

    The Mods should be ashamed of themselves! :hmmm:
    Posted by Of the Standard of Taste
    ussumane will have the second coming

    (Original post by Tha_Black_Shinobi)
    Ussumane aint Nigerian but man a gallis regardless
    (Original post by Zottula)
    ^ Has a way with women. Especially down to earth science girls.

    (Original post by nikita_atikin)
    I've been itching to say, dude, ever heard of Benga? You look like him! :eek:

    And the quotes that made my heart skip a beat...:love:

    (Original post by nikita_atikin)
    Not at all, monsieur.
    And haha I always smile when you call me 'mademoiselle'.


    I can't help my attraction to u
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