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  1. Hey

    Sorry I took so long to apply, of course your grades are fantastic, as long as you get 90+ in 3 or more of your AS Levels grades wise you will be fine

    I wouldnt let that put me off applying, I come from a very good grammar school as well, and it didnt hinder my application, in fact 28 (about 20% of the year group) got into Oxbridge so its not a hindrance.
    Most important thing is nailing any entrance exams and the interview ofcourse make sure you get some interview practice!!!
    Im sorry this is quite short, Im just in the middle of my exams stressing obviously haha, so will PM you next week when I finish with a fuller account of how and what I did etc. but Im sure youre grades are fine so far
  2. flowerpower1410
    were you a deferred or re-applicant (ie: already got your grades?)
  3. futuredoc77

    Well the UMS marks don't really count after you get your A-levels, it's the actual grades that count :yep:
    My BMAT, however, was 4.9 5.7 3A (not that great, but not too bad).
    Good luck!!! :borat:

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