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  1. Hey, I saw you posted a while back that you were deciding between public and private sector Big Four audit offers. I'm in a similar situation, and was wondering what you decided and what you based your decision on? I think public sector would be interesting as I've heard it can be more varied, but I would potentially want to work in the private sector long term so don't want to close any doors.

  2. Ack, sorry - must of misclicked that dislike thumb thing when switching windows :/
    Did not notice I did that...
    Is there a way to un-dislike something or unlike something? I swear I've done it a few times switching tabs/windows...
  3. Hey, can you delete my account please.
  4. Hey, I like my account to be deleted please!
  5. Hello Brotherhood

    I read your forum and I'd happily give advice on your apps, having applied to about 200 jobs myself.
  6. Could you look at my fitness blog "time to get lean"

    Tell me what I doing wrong.

    3 days cardio at my house and 3 days weights/rowing at gym with one rest day.
    Is that too little?
  7. Hi there, I had posted a thread last week and it has been dealt with. Could you please delete it, if it is possible. Thank you
  8. Thanks for the rep. I'm guessing you can lif quite a bit more than a pen.

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