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  1. Hey just wondering you have done the AS Human biology ISA yet? The one on osmosis?

  2. yeah I did mate. got accepted into swansea, chester and birmingham with it. manchester was the only one that said no to it. as others have said clear yer inbox!!
  3. No problem, and it says your inbox is full

    for number 11 I would probably go for D "most"

    For number 4 (it actually happens a lot in store) would probably go for C or B for most and D for least

    For number 12 (it also happens a lot in store) would probably go A or D for most and B for least

    sorry for leaving you with a choice of two but I hope this helps

    Also if you get an interview as well as all the "why work here" "whats teamwork" style qs you get, they also make you go on the shop floor seeing how you interact with customers and give them baskets and so on. Its really weird but just be confident and you'll be fine
  4. I can't send you a pm, your inbox is fuuuull ^^
  5. hey, yeah it went well i think but i'm not sure, they said they'll get back within ten days if im sucessful,but i doubt i was haha
  6. Your inbox is full soooo:

    The interview is nothing to worry about - it's very informal, and it's one-on-one. In mine, the guy just asked me about my previous work experience (back then it was only the 2-week year 10 work experience placement), and if I minded working with kids, because sometimes McDonald's holds parties and you might get called in to help out. Ermmmm what else... I think that was it! Just come across as really enthusiastic and polite so the interviewer knows you'll be good on the till.

    You don't do anything during the OJE - you just sit there and listen to the speech and watch the cartoon. There's time for questions though, so you can like, ask questions

    Oh and something I reaaaally advise you to do is visit and learn the print screens of the till they've put on there. The till is really confusing (well it was for me - you might be a natural ), and they make you serve customers from your first shift, and depending on your location you may have some impatient and moody customers. My first few shifts weren't very enjoyable because I hadn't set foot in a McDonald's restaurant in about 2 years so I didn't even know the menu let alone the till, and customers were like ¬_¬ I don't mean to scare you or anything - just saying, be prepared. Those print screens are a godsend. It's a shame I didn't know about 'em till I'd been employed for 2 months!

    Get those print screens! I think you'll be fine if you do that. gl!
  7. inbox full

    (Original post by jayseanfan)
    Hey I see you work at McDonalds. I really need help with these questions. I know there is quite a lot. If you log onto your Mcdonalds account and try applying for a job keep pressing next. Your answers will be already selected. Please print screen for me. I know its cheating but I've been rejected three times already, I really need this job.

    Its up to you really. These are the questions Im talking about.

    Do you - Strongly Disagree - Disagree - Unsure - Agree -Strongly Agree

    1 I really enjoy meeting new people. sa
    2 It is very important to be given clear instructions by your manager before doing anything. d
    3 I treat everyone in the same way. sa
    4 I have never done something I wasn't supposed to do. sa
    5 I am very interested in new developments or products. sa
    6 I rarely lose my temper. sa
    7 When growing up, I never told my parents a lie. d
    8 Whatever needs doing, I am always willing to lend a hand. sa
    9 It takes a lot to make me angry. sa
    10 I like to tell people what I really think. u
    thats what I would likely answer. Dont want to give out a copy of what I actually answered. Might be the same. Might be different
  8. Hi
  9. do u do ocr as biology /chemsitry
  10. Hi

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