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  1. Dear Me (that's not my name though),

    I see what you did there on the Dear You thread. :hat2:
  2. I love you're Location. :rofl: :top:
  3. Me*
  4. Lol got maintenance thing back again, won't let mr back in. Happening to others on the forum.
    Looks like sony's duct tape is beginning to tear...
  5. Hah I just came on to tell you...
    Yeah they've released the update but are doing a phased return. They've finished with US and Canada; apparently Britain is next on the list. I'd expect a return before teatime tbh. Certainly (hopefully) this evening at some point.
  6. Yeah still no return, missed 'em unfortunately. Hah would typical, although I don't have her on new account and you're all MIA, so a return would go unnoticed anyways..
    There was an update a couple days ago on the blog, around three lines, 'sorry for inconvenience, will be back as soon as possible etc..' so sometime in 2014.
    There'll be plenty of turncoats tbh, a local game shop is offering a ps3 for xbox and codblops swap, not sure how legal that is really (lmao..)
  7. Yeah that's the deadline for it to be full business as usual; they're hoping to get some stuff on before, online gaming seems to be a priority. But definitely not good. Can't help getting the feeling that sony have no idea what's going on lol
  8. Because DLing this fre stuff sounds great!
  9. Yeah. I'd try to get on because it seems that we all get some free crap and a months free on plus! They seem to think it'll be back up this week, so even just come on to DL the fre stuff. Which is massively worth the week or so off lol.
    Well I guess it's probably wishful thinking tbf, he'll be pissed if he misses the free plus though!
  10. Did you hear about PSN? (PlayStation Notwork lol)
    Coming on for about 10 days now. I have a strange suspicion that a certain Uno can't be long of a return either tbh...

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