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  1. Hi rainbowsss,
    Is it too late now to offer any advice? I'm not sure when you're choosing modules.
    I think your modules have changed a bit compared to when I studied (2-3 years ago?), and I'm afraid I didn't take Maths Workshop. For a straight physicist, I'm fairly convinced that was the right choice, so I think it just depends how you feel about maths; if you do better in maths, and also enjoy it, then that might be the better bet.
    Sorry if this was too late!
  2. Also, since I see it for £40+ on Amazon ( ), I might suggest that you wait til Durham to get this particular book, because I think normally the department will be able to sell it to you when you're there at a much better price (I paid a lot less for my textbook).

    Asides from Mastering Physics, the individual textbook you use isn't actually too important - my year was using Wolfson, but most of my lecturers hadn't updated their lecture slides from Tipler, the older book. They should both have roughly the same content as Young & Freedman; I don't know what causes the department to choose one book over another.
  3. Right, I do a quick Google, and find
    which says "International edition textbooks have the same pagination and contents as the US Edition. All units, page numbers, and problem sets are guaranteed to be the same, or your money back."
    So no, I don't think it does matter to get the international edition.

    13th edition I think would be best to get, because it'll have fewer errors, and probably things like diagrams and page numbers will match up better with what you expect - the other thing is that (I assume) it'll be more difficult to find older editions that come with an unused "Mastering Physics" registration - it's an online service used for most of the Level 1 weekly problems.

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