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  1. Hi!!
    I am an International Student. I've got offer from the following universities. I need to decide which one to go for.

    Masters in Landscape Architecture (MLA) - University of Edinburgh
    MA Design (Inetrior Design) - Northumbria University

    I've gone through the league table(s) and all have different rankings, and show that they both are really good universities.
    Please help me decide which one is best.
  2. Well I do tend to get them soakin wet before I demolish them knowm sayin
  3. soz m8 too busy slayin kitties irl to be slayin monsters online these days knom sayin
  4. brb i solo bosses
    brb lvl 80 paladin
    brb 29-0 WSG
    I would own you if I played it . oh wait ...
  5. NICE ONE M8 lvl 100 mage on wow
  6. Luke Skywalker or Rob Stark
  7. Salutations , good sir.

    Does the content of my posts appease thee ?
  8. Don't blame you, Bath is lovely! I'd have applied to Bath if they did my course, I love it :love: Somerset/ the West country is my favourite part of the country. I did get an offer from Bristol but King's is just better for my subject. haha everyone I know doing architecture is permanently stressed xD but I'd imagine the job prospects are quite good? I may be wrong... my grandfather was an architect :yep:

    I've applied to halls but if I don't get in to my top choice I'll have to do a house share. My mum's moving out of London anyway xD
  9. Oh cool :awesome: where will you be doing your masters?

    I have a friend who just finished her first year of architecture, she was stressed all year and soo relieved to pass year 1 xD

    Aye, I'll be at King's
  10. I can imagine! So are you done with studies now, or do you have more to come after a year working?

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