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  1. What halls were you in at Bath?
  2. ermm i have no idea what you are on about
  3. wat up archi ?
  4. Lol

    Ooooh nice! Hope it's fun :ahee: When're ya back at uni?

    Aww that's understandable, I'm sure there'll be a meet or something in summer anyway :yes:

    Not really no! Just watching some films and drinking a bit! you?!
  5. Hahaha, you asked for it at the right time. Just got my 8th gem any plans for your birthday? :ahee: Also Birmingham possibly on 25th Jan? Not sure if Hellz mentioned iitty ya!
  6. It doesn't make sense...
  7. Thanks, it's surprised me how good other TSR users are actually, makes so much difference from playing with my friends at uni and is really good practice if I ever want to get into proper competitions
  8. I see. I'm glad I asked what you meant then because I assumed you were talking about members with many posts.

    Thanks for the analogy but that isn't always true. Often, the straight A (normally good) student will recieve the harsher sentence as he/she receives disappointment from the teacher.

    It's fine. I hope you had fun. Likewise.

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