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  1. I'm so good at LoL now

    (Lost 4 games in a row on Sunday due to team, then won one 22/1/11 xD)
  2. Muahaha
  3. Then you're not doing yourself any favours! There are better people to be jealous of.
  4. I try hard effortlessly.
  5. Ah well I'd be lying if I said I didn't try.
  6. Thanks for the rep buddy.
  7. [Sorry, I'm having to post it as two separate messages due to the cap!]

    Gah! I bet you couldn't sleep for a week with such a painful back! Haha, thanks for the lil' insight into Dubai, I imagined everything you'd described in my mind and I don't think that was how I had envisaged it previously. I mean, a lot of us only think about the end product and how Dubai is expanding, but not what it's expanding from or the implications/complications/social factors involved, so hearing about your personal experiences is a gem to me. :-)
    Ahh, Nottingham! I think it has a special place in both our hearts by now, it's been mentioned quite a few times in conversation. Mm'yeah, when it comes down to it I think I'd prefer a smaller practice at this stage, for all the reasons you'd mentioned. (I'm not saying to never work at larger practices but I think hearing some employee stories at Zaha Hadid Architects has definitely impacted my judgement)
  8. I'm sponsored by the school itself; they ask for £18k/year in tuition fees so by paying £6k/year they're 'letting me off' £36,000 in total by the end of the 3-year period. It is a contract though so does carry with it constraints - I cannot leave the school at any time in this 3-year period (even if I'm ill, I think!) and I cannot fail any classes or I will be ordered to pay back all the money that the scholarship saved me from paying. So if I fail/leave in the third year, I'd have to pay back all £36k of it! At the end of each term and at every jury/grading they assess whether or not I'm still eligible for the scholarship (standard of work) so there is an incredible amount of pressure but if you work hard it should be ok (and I try not to think too much about how volatile my situation could be...) I think one positive is that unlike some of my friends (5 people have dropped out of first year already), I cannot even begin to consider leaving or changing universities because it simply isn't an option for me. A lot of people wonder 'what if' but for me there simply is no point in that kind of thinking so it's one less issue to worry about! Even if I don't like something I have to adapt and get on with it. I don't mind it, really, despite the fact that the 'scholarship deal' sounds like a death trap of sorts
  9. Yeah, I was offered a full scholarship at the AA so from then on the AA was more appealing due to the circumstances: I'd only be paying £6k/year in tuition fees rather than the ridiculous UCAS £9k, I could live at home (more space to work, food cooked and clothing washed!) and having visited the buildings, I felt comfortable that I could study there. The people here are amazing, I'm so happy here and although the tutors work you to your limits (which I'm certain every architecture course does anyway), somehow I still manage to enjoy it amongst all the chaos!
    WOW, Dubai! That's awesome! I think it's definitely in every architecture student's 'Top 10' list for places to visit but the heat people speak of worries me a bit, especially in August! :eek:
    Which one are you warming (hah, that was unintentional) up to? Nottingham isn't a bad place, I know little of Leicester so can't offer much there but obviously it'll be mostly to do with the practices themselves. So glad to be speaking with you again!
  10. HELLO!
    I'm not expecting you to remember 'SanCloud' (on your friends list) but this is my new account, I can't seem to get onto SanCloud but to be honest I didn't ache my heart to create a new account. I wanted to ask how you're doing, how the summer placement was and whether you're still at Bath?

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