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  1. Thnx, just another question, what did you actually do during your work placement, because you just finished your first year, will you have have enough skills to really work in an architecture firm? And do you get paid for the placement (btw, the money's not the big deal but just wanna know how it works) Thnx again
  2. Thank you
    Btw, do we need to know how to use computer programs such as Autocad and Sketchup?
  3. Thnx for replying , I'm just wondering whether my portfolio would suit bath or UCL more, as i think I'm very arty as in I like to build stuff and doing installation but at the same time a like to do very tight detail drawings..
    Here's my portfolio
  4. Hi, I have just firmed bath and ucl as my insurance, I just want to ask you whether the work placement is useful or not and do the uni help you find the work or you find it yourself, and how is the architecture course at bath? do you mostly do you often work with the engineers or you have your own projects within the arch department as well. Also, is the proffessor friendly, I've heard that UCL Prof are really harsh and doesn't help there student very much, so the satisfaction score is very low.
    And do you enjoy the course, and how do you think bath differs from UCL?
    btw, do you get bored of the city of bath? do you enjoy living in the campus?
    (Sorry if I ask too many questions)
  5. Hi there! Very random question: how many people dropped out from the architecture course at Bath in the first year/did not end up coming back in year 2?
  6. Forgot to give you my IGN! Deesh88, add me
  7. Forget jungling at low levels then xD or I'll play with a friend who can top lane. I'm going to try the other AP Mages that are free, but I feel that Syndra will be my favouritest for a long time
  8. It took me like 10 levels to save up enough for Syndra though xD
    I need to find other places I like playing, perhaps jungle but I don't have runes
    Kass does snowball quite hard after 6 :yes: I have about 2k IP now, I may start saving up for T3 runes now actually
  9. From Australia, live in the UK now So yeah, I play on EuW
  10. Syndra but she's disabled
    She better be back up by tomorrow evening!
    I'm considering buying Kassadin or Fizz next. I've played Kassadin and damn, pre 6 is so hard! I'd buy Fizz for juking/trolling and his cute looks

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