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  1. Thanks for the rep. :heart:
  2. Can I just say that I love and totally agree with your avatar, haha
  3. No lol,
  4. Where did giovanni come from!?
  5. Oh sorry.
    Are you also part mexican!?
  6. why are you blatantly ignoring me?
  7. i would really appreciate it if you would reply to my texts. :mad:
  8. Are you indian or what!?
  9. Hi such_a_Lady I was wondering if, seeing as you are at Oxford, you know any of the College terms for students, such as Hertfordodians, Keblites, Orelians etc, just for fun Especially if you know what the term for someone who goes to Balliol is
  10. Hi, I noticed that you study modern languages at oxford, I applied to study French and Spanish, but only got an offer for French. I was just wondering if you knew if it would be possible for me to pick up French and include it as part of my degree if I went to oxford... Thank you!

About Me

  • About such_a_lady

    Where I study
    Magdalen College, University of Oxford
    Student (no more Waitrose!!)
    Star Sign
    About me

    Please check out my official Oxford Twitter (@OxfordLinguist) where I carry out Outreach by answering questions and destroying myths about Oxbridge, as well as Tweeting about my daily life

    I read German and Spanish at Magdalen College at Oxford just going into my second year as of October 2013. I'm specialising in Golden Age Spanish literature and German literature post 1730, with a special focus on Cervantes, Góngora, Goethe and Mann.

    I hope to become a conference interpreter.

    'You're the girl who has all the adventures; the one everything seems to happen to!' - Young Sun to me

    'I don't mean to cause any harm but I just watched chicken run and Ginger kind of reminds me of Chiara. No offence' - Yaw to me

    'You're not a traditional hipster. You're like a hipster hipster.' - Gergo to me

    'One does need to be able to think fast, when talking to you.' - Matthias to me

    This is my sister :cool:

    Sober is sexy.

    (Original post by tooambitious)
    (hope this doesnt sound patronising) i know loads of indian girls, but none of your mix, ill tell them to procreate with italian men :lol:
    Academic Info

    *Maths - A*
    *Latin - A*
    *RE - A*
    *Biology - A*
    *Chemistry - A*
    *Physics - A*
    *English - A*
    *English Lit - A*
    *German - A*
    *Spanish - A*
    *Drama - A*
    *History - A*
    *Citizenship - A*

    AS Levels

    *Maths (D1, C1, C2) - A (257/300)
    *German - A (193/200)
    *Spanish - A (187/200)
    *English Literature - A (192/200)
    *English Language - A (184/200)

    Predicted A Level Grades

    *German - A*
    *Spanish - A
    *English Literature - A*
    *English Language - A*

    Achieved A Level Grades

    *German - A (363/400)
    *Spanish - A* (367/400)
    *English Literature - A* (385/400)
    *English Language - A (362/400)

    UCAS 2012 - German and Spanish (RR24)

    *FIRM: Magdalen College, Oxford - Interview - Conditional Offer (AAA, must include German and Spanish)
    *INSURANCE: University College, Durham - Conditional Offer (AAB, one of German or Spanish must be included)
    *DECLINED: St. Andrew's - Conditional Offer (AAB, As must be in German and Spanish)
    *DECLINED: Edinburgh - Conditional Offer (AAB)
    *DECLINED: Bristol - Conditional Offer (ABB, A must be in either German or Spanish)

    Preliminary Examinations 2013


    *Paper 1 - 68
    *Paper 2 - 70
    *Paper 3 - 70
    *Paper 4 - 72


    *Paper 1 - 70
    *Paper 2 - 82
    *Paper 3 - 68
    *Paper 4 - 78
    I like directing plays, birthdays, learning new words, flying to Europe, speaking German, talking to random people in Waitrose to find out where their accents are from, European boys (especially my boyfriend), power-reading, listening to music and foreign radio, the news and current affairs, debating, the etymology of words, learning to drive, make-up, fashion, going for walks and learning new languages

    (Apologies for the ticker's poor grammar; I don't think it speaks German very well.)
    Favourite Quotations and shizzle
    'Now stop boring me, and think. It's the new sexy.' - Sherlock

    'The only coke I do is Diet' - Sober is Sexy

    'I don't believe in fate! I believe in statistics!!' - Sven

    'Es gibt Dinge, die wachsen nicht auf Baeumen, die wir lernen nicht in Schulen, und die gibt es nirgendwo zu kaufen. Es ist die Kunst, die Welt mit dem Herzen zu sehen: LOVE IS ALL WE NEED.' - from a German magazine

    'I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.' - Coco Chanel

    Ich: ...und bald wird unser Leben so spannend, so interessant, so aufregend werden-
    Sven: Ist aber nur Universität, kein Riesenabenteuer...
    Ich: Spinnst du? ALLES für mich ist ein Riesenabenteuer!

    'Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.' - Coco Chanel

    'It’s actually a compliment to be mocked for being different. They never pick on the mediocre.' - Dita von Teese

    'No matter how busy you may think you are, you must always find time to read, or else surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.' - Confucius

    'He wanted all to lie in an ecstasy of peace; I wanted all to sparkle and dance in a glorious jubilee.' - Wuthering Heights

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