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  1. I really want to do animation at Bournemouth but I am not very good at maths, I got a C in GCSE. I emailed the university and they said if you don't get a B you can take a logic test at the interview. What sort of maths is it, is it very advanced?
  2. Hi there Sofronis, I have been given forwarded to you from a current Bournemouth student.

    My name is Michael and I am undergoing a dissertation based upon the UK Visual Effects industry. I was wondering whether it were possible to ask you a handful of questions based on this topic. I have made Bournemouth University my case study. Bournemouth's NCCA is considered to be the best by many in the UK and one would like to investigate this. This would really help me, immensely.

    Many thanks
  3. Sofronis
    I think those are fine. Go for it. Sorry for the delay in relying - i just saw these messages!
  4. Hi!
    I am hoping to apply to Bournemouth this year for either CVA or CAA but I would prefer CAA as it seems to be more "arty". However I only study one creative subject - Art and Design. My other subjects are Maths and Geography. Can I apply to CAA with these subjects?
  5. Hello!
    I was just wondering how much maths and programming do CAA students do? I know they only do it in the first year but I'm worried as I am awful at those types of things...
    Secondly, is the CAA course less arty than Hertfordshire? As I've only heard comparisons between CVA and Herts, and I would preferably like a more art based course..
    Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Hi
    I've been having a hard time deciding between Bournemouth University and Hertfordshire University. I've done a lot of research and know a bit about the two universities but I've been wondering if there is a site which showcases the latest animation work from Bournemouth students, preferably work no earlier than 2010. It is very hard to find anything inline.
  7. Hey,
    I was reading through your posts in the 3D animation topics, specifically about the differences between the straight CAA and CVA courses, in that the CAA and CVA courses are different in approaches, artistic and technical.

    Therefore I am worried about which course I should apply for, I am a amateur 3D artist who studied Biology, Chemistry and Media at Sixth Form, as I had not done any Art GCSEs which limited my choices in that area and I had enjoyed the subjects.

    I am a regular contributer at the Infinity project (, most recently running a texturing competition for models I had UVmapped and in most cases, remodelled. I've also done a few other projects at various points, including the background for my green-screened Media music video. While I consider myself fairly solid at what I am doing, I'd like to take it further then that and broaden my skills, and potentially make a career out of it. Also I have run out of letters to message you with. Thoughts?

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    Before becoming Associate Dean and PG Framework Leader for the NCCA 3D Computer Animation courses, I worked in the Film and Games industry on projects such as Happy Feet, 300 and Fable 2, training artists and production staff on projects that would go on to win an Oscar, a BAFTA and a Games BAFTA.

    Recently, I have worked with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in the creation of a new 'PG Cert / PG Dip / MA Computer Graphics Games Development course' whilst also designing a 2D Animation curriculum with twofour 54 tadreeb and Turner Broadcast Systems, that closely mirrors Cartoon Networks production pipeline.

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    Joint Associate Dean and Postgraduate Framework Leader
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    National Centre for Computer Animation
    Bournemouth University


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