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  1. Ah, are you getting remarks? Congrats on getting 2 A*s, that's nice

    I got A*A*AAABB; the Bs are general studies and the EPQ, and the last A is AS further maths
  2. How'd results go?
  3. Ah OK, I shall do so. Thanks for alerting me to that.
  4. It would seem that I am quite the libertarian.

    Although a member of the Conservatives I am economically more right wing, and socially more liberal.
  5. Ah ok.

    Have you seen the three minute philosophy videos on youtube? You may find those useful

    Oh, I had no idea you were going through UCAS again! Well, obviously I'd have no reason to, lol, but you get my meaning.

    Do you know where you're applying to?
  6. I'm intending to go the barrister route if at all possible, actually. I took this more out of opportunism, and knowing that I may well want different things in three years. The congratulations are appreciated, though

    I read think a while back, thought it was good as an introduction to a lot of things.

    And I'm really not far enough through the republic to comment. The edition I have came with a massive introduction, which took me ages to get through. Some of Socrates' arguments thus far I will say seem pretty silly, but hell, it was written millennia ago.

    And hey, nothing wrong with wales; what with all the sheep that frequent such random places as the motorway, it can be an adventure! (I can't comment on Stoke )
  7. Oh nice, where'd you travel?

    I've got books to go at - I'm inching my way through the republic, and have ordered a couple of books to do some pre law reading - but for some reason spend most of the time I spend at home on here anyway, lol.

    What books are you getting? - fun, libertarian-y ones I hope!

    And the work ex is a week at Pinsent Masons. I didn't secure it through luck; I secured it by answering every single question on the application form with something along the lines of "I got an offer from Cambridge"
  8. It's not treating me bad thanks. I mean, I'm spending a little too long on here arguing with rather stupid people generally, and I'm keeping such hours as I haven't actually slept yet, but yeah

    Got some work ex soon to snap me out of this habit though; 9 am mornings are going to hit me like a tonne of bricks.

  9. :wavey:

    I enjoyed your post on the religion forum; a good, well made point that I'm far too tired to think through/ respond to in any constructive manner, so I thought I'd just let you know I enjoyed it.

    Long time no speak, anyways.
  10. Hello

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