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  1. Your mother sounds awesome . And yes, I'm from Canada. Vancouver, but I love Toronto too. Stayed there for a while. I'm here for uni, stumbled on TSR by accident one day while doing research, and just kinda stuck around. This place can grow on you. And lol, don't worry I wasn't actually being serious about the society. Besides, we wouldn't want to risk losing our misanthrope badges if caught confabulating like ordinary idealists.
  2. No way, from what I've seen, people tend to like Canadian paraphernalia, so tell your neighbours to push off, lol. I wear my Canadian maple leaf gloves even though it isn't quite cold enough for them at the moment . So, are you Canadian by any chance? I see you're part of the society.

    As for misanthropy, I'm afraid mine was a much slower dissent into disillusionment, fueled mostly by human fickleness and the trifles that make up the bulk of our daily preoccupations. As Lord Byron so aptly put it, "All people are intrinsical rascals, and I am only sorry that not being a dog, I can’t bite them." Okay I joke, but yes Daily Mail will do it...that, and YouTube comments.
  3. Sounds like a plan, though I predict some problems with convincing a bunch of misanthropes to "convene" on account of anything...but I suppose the prospect of disparaging one another would be adequate incentive . So, if you don't mind my asking, what's your claim to misanthropy? What has mankind done to whittle away at your faith?
  4. Well nice to meet you too. There are quite a few of us around, perhaps a society is in order.
  5. True...true, but I kinda like it to be honest. As Thatcher outlined, someone insulting you is good, as it means they have no further arguments against what you're saying.
  6. It won't be long before she uses her V tail on you and then she'll be all mine
  7. Morena Baccarin :drool:
  8. I don't know. She's gorgeous, though.
  9. I gave you an internet, lol.
  10. Christian Serratos in your sig looks a lot like Tania Raymonde!

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