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  1. Your Tumblr makes me happy.
  2. Why is it funny? :p:
  3. Never mind then. :getmecoat:
  4. Can I add you on Xbox Live? :ahee:
  5. soo true we need to spread the message :yep:
    haha me too what do u study? i don't wanna be old though :sad:
  6. haha we probably are the lucky ones who have survived wonder how long for :rolleyes: i pretty much have a short attention span so constantly am
    cool thats awesome, im pretty much rubbish at art are u at college or uni?
  7. haha i would do the same :five:
    cool theres a creative side to u :flutter:
  8. do u get as emotional as this when u see a rainbow
    so everythings stolen eh
  9. You must be a minty one teeheehehehe!
  10. the different colours and the bold is just awesome and the italics well :toofunny:
    Love is a lie which means I've been lied to
    Love is a lie which means I've been lying too

    Joint classical studies and philosophy, Reading uni 2010-2013

    This looks like a job for... LIMEY-MAN

    Screw uni, I'm going to hogwarts!
    Mm_minty is currently procrastinating; the internet likes this, her degree course does not.

    You are being judged.

    Think I'm a bitch?
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    AS Human biology - A
    AS Business studies - B
    AS environmental studies - A
    A2 Philosophy - B
    A2 History - B
    A2 Media Studies - A*
    Since I arrived at uni, all I seem to do it watch anime and do nothing in particular with my hallmates....

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