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  1. Yeah, Season 2 and 3 have come out, just not on Region 2 DVD :cry2: I download all my music, yet I buy all my films. It's a weird kind of mentality that I can't explain :lol:
  2. Region 2 is the DVD format that our DVD players in this part of the world recognise.

    From what I've heard, the Region 1 DVD's (imported from America) don't play very well on multi-regional DVD players :sad:
  3. I like Grandad, he's brilliantly old-school XD Posted a thread concerning this a while back, you might not've seen it so it's worth an ask now; do you know when Season 2 will be coming out on Region 2?
  4. Boondocks ftw :awesome:
  5. Are you awake? This is the failingatm chat, where we go for the lulz and have random chats and troll the random people. no password, no cam, but the females rule this chat, and there is a rivalry between this chat and afsoc chat - all jk ofc

    the best tc, afsoc is protected with a password, and only worthy members join in. I will send you the pass.

    here is the link
  6. Dunno :dontknow: I'll see after I finish the degree
  7. Check my profile :p: pm if you have any questions, I'm deleting those posts, a bit too much info :ninja:
  8. Oncoming Storm
    Alright, I'm trusting you to spread this story and make me famous. My reputation in your hands.
  9. Oncoming Storm
    Thanks for the rep. Returned, since I'm now in a position where I haven't used it all! That's one bonus to my predicament.
  10. Oncoming Storm
    Haha. Thank you. Banning is no match for my stupidity. No, I put in a new email and discovered it didn't work, and I'd also changed my password and then forgotten it, so I literally can't get on. It's funny even in my mind.

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