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  1. Hellooo so u are in hongkong now, i guess you have missed indonesia already,hehe..
  2. then i would recommend you trying 'Soto Ayam Gebrak', lots of fat but the taste is so tasty and yummy, :9 i think i also tend to miss those kinds of food too..i got a plan to study master abroad
  3. yep im an alumnus from ui, and thanks for your compliment imho,its normal having a few indonesians here, they all already had another forum, so i think u're 'pulang kampung' now, right??take ur time then
  4. i've been living in here for 4 years actually what are you doing in jkt anyway??so, r u really a ninja?? unfortunately the definition of ninja in indonesia is a bit different

  5. My mom is a chef so thankfully I'm a fair hand in the kitchen and can be always found near a stove (cue the woman in kitchen jokes). I think it's pretty easy to cook at university if you knew how to cook beforehand. I'm always making everything under the sun though - yesterday it was homemade butternut squash soup with dumplings and fresh baked bread. You can definitely tell it's my winter comfort food. A lot of Asian food is made as well though, and rice is a huge staple in my diet here. Especially bubur ayam and congee in the morning!

    Nope, the boyfriend has never been to Borneo, but we're hoping to change that next Easter. I figure the tables will be turned and I'll be the one smirking at his inability to handle the heat, so to speak.
  6. Haha, we say lilin too, but my name is the other word for it, beginning with D. And yeah, I'm being all ninja about it!

    I wouldn't even mind not being in Kuching and being in Jakarta right now though. At least you can still buy lots of kueh and makan. I do recommend stuffing yourself silly with food before coming here. Definitely lots of fruit too, since it's ridiculous that what we can get for pretty much free there is an extortionate amount here. And be prepared for the weather! I know everybody goes on about how mild UK weather is, but when you're coming from Borneo temperatures.. Well. I was freezing when I arrived in summer the first time. I still get super cold three years on too. My poor boyfriend is always amazed and I regularly tell him I'm only with him for the warmth.
  7. I wouldn't say no to ANY kway teow. My babay always used to bring back the char kway teow one, all wrapped in that paper and ready to be unfolded and attacked. However, whenever I go to the kopitiam or food court, I always get the soup because I order wontons too. Then add pickled chili and soy sauce... Mmm. And yeah, no jambu whatsoever. It's just. It's.. It hurts me! I've only seen Milo available in China Town and at a tiny random Tesco in the beginning, but it didn't taste the same at all, so no Milo peng for me, sadly. The light at the end of the tunnel is that my parents are actually sending me food! I expect a package in a few days and once I get it, my flatmate and I will be inseparable from the kitchen! The only downside is having to be patient whilst waiting for it to arrive though.

    Haha, yeah, my real name is that Malay word for candle. I'll let you figure it out with the help of the nickname 'Dee'. But then to counteract that, I do indeed have a very orang putih surname.
  8. Oh my. Speaking of nostalgia: kway teow. Kolo mee. Chicken rice. Jackfruit. Teh tarik. ABC special. Rambutan. Jambu. Laksa. Kangkong.. *sob*

    My flatmate is from Jakarta and she and I made rendang the other day. Unfortunately, I have discovered that that one teasing, tantalizing reminder has only made me crave it even more.

    By the way: Josephine is a lovely name. I was named with a Malay name, which is funny considering I'm half white and you're fully Asian, right?
  9. Yess! My dad and I always climbed it when I was little and we went back to visit my mom's family. Our kampung is close by so it was a really quick trip to the base and then a nice day of trekking. I miss the jungles so much What about you?
  10. Nope. We don't usually celebrate such events like this, unless it's a special occasion like a New Year or Birthday. So back to you, do you celebrate? :bigsmile:

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