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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Hey, how were your exams so far? :^_^:
  3. Sorry for a rather reply. Yeah.. that's one of the reasons why people think CIE is harder, plus I don't think we have to do coursework here. CIE is more of an international standard (hence the "I") whilst Edexcel is more UK based. CIE is an entirely free body and can set set their own exam structure, etc. I don't know much about IB system, but I do know it's a little harder than A-levels, yeah. You have to do more subjects, plus a language (I think) and lots of researches and essays (which is a good prep. for uni). :yes:

    Ah, cool about the boards. Whereabout in England are you gonna do your A-levels? :^_^:
  4. Oh really? You should definitely visit someday if you get the chance So much to see. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do much sightseeing because we went for my cousin's wedding - I don't know if you already know, but Indian weddings tend to last about a week :P So I would love to go back and see some more. Oh really, where is your hometown?! Or was that a joke that I didn't get?! :P
    The food was amazing yes! And you're definitely right about food here not comparing!
    Aaaah ya veo, espero que tengas bastante tiempo para continuar aprender la lengua muy pronto!
    Besos xx
  5. Heyyy! It was amaazing thank you, though a bit of a culture shock! The poverty was terrible But other than that I had a really good time How are you? How's the Spanish going? besos x
  6. Nahh.. no need to be sorry, you've got exams so I don't expect a reply so soon! Yeah they'll be testing the same skills but contentwise, there are some differences between the two. For instance, if you are doing Maths, CIE will have all the contents that Edexcel offers as well as some of its Further Math (1) contents and other modules. So with regards to Maths, I'd CIE is definitely harder. :^_^:

    In CIE, if you choose to do resits, you will have to resit all the papers of that particular subject whilst, Edexcel offers resit on individual paper/module - so it is easy to refine your marks if you do Edexcel. But honestly, there is no difference whichever board you choose to do - universities do not care as long as you do A-levels. So there is no point in doing something harder - hence, many of TSR-ians here are doing Edexcel.

    You're going to UK next year, right? You will probably be doing Edexcel then in that case ... thanks, but I wish I had an A* for maths. :sad:
  7. IMO, I find A-levels pretty hard, but noting is impossible to achieve good grades. For instance, I got an A* in Chem at IGCSE but in A-level, I only got a B. Sometimes I thought I have not worked hard enough (Chem is my weakest subject though ), and I often find some topics really difficult to understand. Maybe it's because the examboard we're doing (CIE - which proved to be the hardest :yep:), or it could be that I never had tuition.

    Now looking back, I always wonder how I managed to study for that many subjects at IGCSEs and scored an okay grades. But in A-levels, you got a lot less to study, and I've put much more effort yet it's still hard to score good grades.
  8. Haha A-levels? Well, you often hear people complaining how A-levels is such a big jump from IGCSEs, which I have to somewhat agreed to that. :yep: What I found out all these years, and not that I think IGCSEs are pissy easy, is that once you have a good grip on the subjects, and can memorise stuffs from the books, you can score well. Whereas in A-levels, things don't work that way. You have to use your knowledge and your exam techniques, and apply to the papers. It's all about applying to different situations, which is different to IGCSEs, where practising past papers will do the job.
  9. Aww.. I'm sure if you found them hard/different, it wouldn't make sense if people were to find them easy. Let's pray for that, and grade boundaries shall be lower (I'm serious). :danceboy: Yes, you'll be surprised how many awkward things can come up in the practicals even when you are really prepared. You have to know those little techniques that people aren't aware of, and remember, there are always more than one way to solve one particular problem.

    Sometimes, when I am able to do things in IT practicals, and knowing that others can't cos the format changed or they asked things they never asked before - I kinda feel gooood as I know they will make the grade boundaries lower. :cool: Naahhh, I'm actually a nice guy.
  10. I know.. but you can't say we were lucky. You people are getting better at tackling exam techniques, teachers knowing what they are suppose to 'teach', resulting you guys getting better grades. Examiners need to change the syllabus so as to reduce the chance of you people getting straight As and A*s. (that sucks, isn't it? :rolleyes:). I remembered how the formats in ICT are always freaking the same every year (start off by naming the devices, blah blah.. etc), and questions are so repetitive that you could always guess what would come up - have they changed that format? :curious:

    Yes, you are doing Single Award (good choice!), and the other option is Coordinated Science (Double Award).

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