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  1. Thanks for the friend request
  2. Smophie
    Sorry for negative rep, it was not meant, I hit it by mistake while reading threads on my phone
  3. you're 'why are you not in a relationship' thing in your signature really confused me... I spent ages trying to figure out if it was a boy or a girl speaking...
    It says that they found out they were a wizard, so I thought boy, but then it says 'socially inept at talking to males', so I thought gay boy, but then it says ''my entire friendship group is females or gay males', so I'm very confused :')
    And then there's a picture of ron weasley, and I got doubly confused.
    Just thought I'd share that with you...
  4. Hi.

    How's things?
  5. Wow that was a late reply, lol. Its good to hear that everything is ok with you. Hope everything else goes well for you Insh'Allah in the future.
  6. Whats wrong u ok???
  7. And I found your underwear in my bag, how the hell did it get in there?
  8. gorgeous
  9. I can't believe you stood me up last night.
  10. :sexface:

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