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  1. Lol @ the sly edit.
  2. Nah, not buying it.
  3. Just felt like a change tbh.

    it's good not to get too attached to things.
  4. Love how Arsenal fans take the bait even when it doesn't involve them :rofl: it was poor WUMming as well ffs
  5. Dumachi
    Coventry sucks
  6. Dumachi
    I remember pming you on your n alias lol, i thought it was cl steel at the time, for some reason i always come back too
  7. Dumachi
    TSR is somewhat addictive.
  8. Dumachi
    your back
  9. What do you mean put it down? Delete it?
  10. Re: Asking you why you were back on this account and referring to you as a 'bastard', did you understand that it was a joke/nod to your spoonerism username, or were you actually insulted (we both know the answer but post anyway)

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