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  1. Hey mate, sorry about the late reply, had a deadline on my lab proforma last night. I've been good, third year is a lot easier than the second year that's for sure. How are you finding it? Big game tonight, one which I'm fully expecting a Chelsea win. The only way I see Arsenal getting a result is by playing their first team players. We'll have the likes of Ba, Mata, Essien playing, they're quality enough to be in the first team.
  2. That actually hurt

    a lot
  3. gay
  4. Ozil signing has made them a little giddy haha. Too be fair its just the idiots saying it. People like Zurich and Invicibles have rubbished other people
  5. Dumachi
    Lol 5 points for that face palm I put
  6. Hey Jam your tactics you sent are slightly messed up haha attacking and defensive phase picture has no players on it
  7. Hey Jam Where are your tactics haha?
  8. I never make predictions on who will win I usually give 3 or 4 teams who I think can win it since its football, no definitely's haha. Although saying that I did say to people Torres would be top scorer at the Euro's and I put 15 quid on it and it came through at 18/1 :laugh:

    Yeah I look back thinking I was so damn biased haha. Hope I kinda outgrew that
  9. Yeah I think I started off as a rather unpopular member when I first joined as the dude who supported Barcelona haha :rofl:

    I managed to get a couple of mates earlier to neg some guy in the Arsenal thread so much that he lost 50 something rep points and a gem :ahee:

    Think me and you have matured on this forum
  10. Only got my 7th a day ago. From being a 1 green gem and occasionally in the red for almost 5 months to 7. I'm so proud now :ahee:

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