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  1. Cheers. That's one of my favourite songs of all time
  2. Mine are kind of pushing me to go because of the fees as well, but #9k doesnt bother me at all. I havent got a clue what to do tbh.

    I havent had it back yet but im not too hopeful. Decided to get my exam remarked (despite getting 107/120) cos my college are refusing to remark my coursework

    Cant tell u much about the uni but Leicester is a lovely city, im sure u will have fun there Good luck!
  3. Saw your post on the remark thread, i feel your pain I missed out on my Warwick place as well by 5 UMS because my coursework was marked down heavily by OCR :cry2: Fingers crossed both our remarks come back positive eh!

    What are your plans incase the worst happens?
  4. Im off, steams gone funny. bye
  5. Hey Nat,

    So you want to learn it outside of school? If you just want to know the basics, I suggest a website would be more your thing.

    Something like this?
  6. I thought I'd message here instead of discussing Warwick on a Biology exam thread

    I can see why AQA Biology would put people off the subject as well, Warwick for Law is outstanding I hear, so congrats on the offer! For accommodation I was hoping to get Tocil, but seen as though I have to put down 4 others, I remember putting cryfield, Jack Martin and rootes, can't remember what the other one was(I'm really hoping Tocil or cryfield)

    Good luck with exams and hope to see you there after the summer!
  7. Hey, just wondering if you know what your insurance is yet so I can update the Warwick Law Firmers 2011 list?
  8. Hi! OMG you posted on my wallz! I love you!
    I'm so gay lol!
  9. Thankyahhhh for the r3p xo
  10. I'm sure your LNAT went fine. I was getting by on knowing no-one else had an offer for Law, however I've seen a couple of people now say they've got offers and thus I'm now anxious. (Especially since one of them sent their UCAS off after me..)

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