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  1. Please see this thread for the official FSM support petition.
  2. Hi, please can we have a Flying Spaghetti Monster society. It'll keep us Atheists out of trouble on the religion board and do wonders for the Italian restaurant industry!
  3. Why was my thread deleted ?? -.-
  4. What on earth is your sig referring to?
  5. hai hai, ima TSR wa dekimasen demo wareware wa romaji de hanashi o dekimasu.

  6. Hey Saichu, what would you best describe yourself as with regards to the definitions found in The Definitional Thread?
  7. Hey, I saw you were a moderator of the religion section and I was wondering if you could delete the TSR Buddhism Soc thread? I started it like 5 years ago, and it keeps popping up every now and then even though none of the original members remain, so I'd appreciate it if somebody deleted it, thanks!
  8. :mad::devil3::devil::evil::mad2::mob::mwuaha::rant::stomp::whip:
  9. Who the hell is yahweh???
    Some character from lord of the rings?

    What on earth are you on about in your sig?
  10. Ape Gone Insane
    The Doctor/Master/Lord President & Jesus/Satan/Yahweh parody is brilliant.

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